Moore Family Says Son, Husband Innocent

By: Lindsey Brown Email
By: Lindsey Brown Email

The Moore family has been fighting for their son's life ever since Frederick Moore was arrested for capital murder and robbery.

"I'm sorry for the Hearn family," said Velma Moore, "but my son didn't do that. He did not. And that is one thing I would not do, is lie for him for that."

The Moores say their son, Frederick, has a strong alibi. They say he was at his family home that morning with both parents, his wife, young son and brother at the time of the shooting.

"On that Friday morning when it happened, my son was here with me," said Hollie Moore. "And I try to keep him here with me, because I want him not to get in to trouble."

You see, Frederick has been in trouble before. Just two months ago, he was released after being incarcerated for five years. But his parents say they never came to his defense those other times. This time is different.

"What they accused him of, I assumed that he did it," said Velma Young, referring to previous incidents. "Because he is very upset this time, I've never known him to cry about anything, you know, like what folks say he did and that. But that, he cried. He cried. He did not do it."

Moore's wife, Jennifer, says the situation has been extremely difficult. Her five-year-old son was just reunited with his father, but now they have to face the possibility that he will never again know life outside of prison.

"This is really crazy and terrifying," said Jennifer Moore. "The fact we know for sure he was here, but they won't listen to our statements."

"Whoever did it and set those guys up, they need to come forward, because I know my son didn't do that," said Velma Moore.

Despite the fact that the family home is only a couple of blocks from the crime scene, family members say its impossible Frederick was at two places at once. It's a time line they say they hope authorities come to believe.

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  • by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2009 at 03:18 PM
    After reading all the post I was drained. WOW!!!!Emotions are running high and you every reason to be upset offended or even hurt. To everyone who lost a love one a friend time is the only thing to heal the wound. To the Moore and Thomas family you guys are hurting to and Hopefully for their benefit and ur feelings they are proven innocent and possible the real killer is found....
  • by "Concerned" Location: Meridian on Nov 12, 2009 at 06:58 PM
    This situation is tragic!!Two families have lost loved ones. We do have a justice system in the US. "Guilty until proven innocent". I pray for his family that he is innocent!!Maybe, this will be a turning point for Fred for his life (a wake up call). Our young men and women are so trouble these days. All of our comments will not bring Mr. Hearn back, but it could bring awareness!! Parents please teach your children about the things that could happen to them. We ALL need to stay prayed up!!1
  • by anonymous Location: meridian,ms on Nov 11, 2009 at 10:47 AM
    I think that this is a very sad situation. To see a mother mourn their child's death and to see family members watch their nephew, cousin, brother, and even father laying up in a casket. My heart goes out to the Hearn family and the Mason family. These were two young men that still had a long life ahead of them. There is nothing that we can do when God calls us home. We may feel like it was not their time to go but in reality it was. We hate to look at it like that but this is the truth. We need to stop getting mad over petty things and stop going to bed mad at people because we never know when it will be the last time that we will see someone. People, stop feuding with your parents and siblings. Once they are gone, then it is too late to make up and tell them that you are sorry. God bless everyone.
  • by ed on Nov 10, 2009 at 02:59 PM
    the fact is i never attacked anyone but only the action that happened and the end results of the actions ... and in response all turned it as a personal attack... I speak from my history what i have seen and know . point is you don't go to the bar if you have a drinking problem and you are sober.. the same is you know areas that are not the best.. it is judgments made and all there was was this victim and excuse for end results never said anyone is stupid only ones that has been using names race etc.. has been all of you ... not once did I color not once did i call another names or attack them on a personal level.. as far as a loving son, husband, & father dont doubt so was the great butchers of history.... like i said nothing was said on a personal level just about actions ....that but will say this you have it to a refined point of saying hey your right let me help you ... with the life vest you put it it on and it 's full of rocks.. truth will come out in time it always does
  • by Anonymous on Nov 10, 2009 at 02:04 PM
    ok Ed I will give you a reason to post since again seeming your sitting by your computer waiting on someone to say something here goes....I agree with some of what you said; what happen goes with the lifestyle but what upsetted me is when you attacked the ppl who loved him. You can love the person outside of the act ED!! You probaly had Jerome the loving father brother son and friend and then you had Jerome the drug dealer. So I'm sure there was a loving side to him. And then for you to attack his mom whose probaly compell so much grief right about now is senseless. You don't know if this lady didn't talk to her son and warn her son because how many of us obey everything our parents tell them including you. He came from a good family they are not a bunch of criminals they are educated law abiding ppl who don't bother anybody and for you to make all these assumption like you personally know these ppl is stupid. YOU IDIOT.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 10, 2009 at 12:32 PM
    Everybody stand up and give Ed a standing ovation for his 15 min of fame.....You're right Brittney let all of us be the bigger person and not lower ourself to Ed and maybe he can find another site to put his 2 cents in which aint worth no more than that. Another thing unless you are the detective in this case what fact do you have all you have like the rest of us is spectulation. And as far as kids going astray well look a satan he went astray contrary to being in heaven with God so if our heavenly whose perfect can experience the rebellion of a wayward child how much more so can us who are imperfect parents. Just want to give you some food for thought you're not so smart as you want to appear.
  • by ed on Nov 10, 2009 at 12:02 PM
    well well.. what i see in response. and see all that goes on. talk all the talk but most have no guts.. to get the hands dirty to get the job done.. . the trouble is my post is true the trouble is few can say they lived it... and when someone can post as i did you just pull out DR. Spock .. dont worry about lowering yourself to my level you have to come up to my level and talk as adults would.. all i have seen is attacks on me not one post was an attack on anyone personally.. flash back.. yup seen theses fights before kids fighting and when one is out done the other takes personal swipes and cheap shots at the other.. again you ask why our kids do it.. you become the example showing them... this brings to mind the stoning of Steven did he not state truth.. and this is only a snap shot of the complete picture why and reason for the troubles.. honor, morals, ethics, along with self- reliance is gone.. אני קצת שלום לך
  • by ed on Nov 10, 2009 at 11:06 AM
    so far no one has been with perfect English.. but is funny all that is yipped at about me is spelling and called white man not understanding the others.. well that ended with my last post ... yes it does make sense if you will read what is there and stop looking for other things to pick on.. no few like me all thought was talking not knowing or been there.. wrong answer.. never said was in a office don't think going to wrecks and injured people is a office type work.. but then you say I don't make sense well your response show it might not be me with the problem with words... i have said i pointed out facts and all in reply has been attempted cheap shots at me and all duck what i did post and take up the subject... in turn shows me words that are true.... you cant push a mater what is fact most will not deal with it and find another issues to go after. and this is what has been taught to the children then we ask why they go astray ..
  • by not Ed again on Nov 10, 2009 at 11:04 AM
    Brittney ur right I said the same thing Ed just want by the way Ed the janitor is white and she also laugh at your ignorance. And by judging from the sounds of your comments you sound like some black trench coat wearing subborn kid waiting to shoot up a school or set off a bomb. Probaly didn't get any love as a child ha!!!..Well this is my last time lowering myself to your level post all the comments you want JERK!!!
  • by houston Location: texas on Nov 10, 2009 at 10:09 AM
    If they didnt do it,they know WHO DID? If Jerome was their friend, they should speak up! Forget being a Snitch! A life is gone! Obviously, they arent true friends which means.......
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