Lauderdale County Moving Ahead with Roadside Service

By: Rachel Alig Email
By: Rachel Alig Email

Lauderdale County will soon join the rest of the state by having roadside garbage pickup.

Supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday night to approve a contractor. But it's still controversial.

This new policy is good news for Lauderdale County resident Retha Chatham.

"I'm all for it on account of having to go to the dumpsters by myself," said Chatham. "Well, it will help people like me who can't get out and carry their garbage off. You know, it would be easier to carry it out to the street."

There are those who don't like the change. Tanner Felton prefers the drop-off system. He believes it is more efficient.

"In the city, you take your garbage, I think it's every Tuesday and Thursday and put it out by your mailbox or your driveway and a garbage truck will pick it up, but as opposed to living in the country where you can take it when you want to," said Felton. "You don't have to wait for the garbage truck to come pick it up. It's a little easier, faster, getting rid of your garbage. "

Whether you support it or not, roadside pickup is coming, along with your 95-gallon garbage can.

"I would think that early April. It will take about two weeks to get them out and the residents can expect to see their can in the first week or so of April," said county engineer Neal Carson.

The garbage cans will be blue in color, stamped and registered with Lauderdale County.

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  • by Man on the Street Location: Meridian on Feb 22, 2010 at 08:08 PM
    I'm a former Lauderdale County resident and I moved to Kemper. In Kemper roadside pickup has been around for years. Whenever I have too much trash, large items, or it's not pickup day we still can go to the landfill and without charge throw out our garbage. I never liked having to go to the greenboxes. The smell, the mess, the vermin and pests were all a bother. I think Lauderdale county has spent way too much money for too long on a service that can easily be contracted. Lauderdale County has been paying for garbage trucks, dumpsters, drivers, a landfill, and Sheriff's deputies for undercover security to guard TRASH! Green boxes seem pretty expensive to maintain so come on Lauderdale County, give roadside pick-up a chance!
  • by Anonymous on Feb 21, 2010 at 01:38 PM
    It has been stated from the contract that they WOULD pick up thrash that was beside your can on an occasional basis. If the occassional basis became constant, then you could purchase a second can. I just don't understand, am I the only one who has read about these things from The Star and WTOK? All these "facts" that keep going around have been answered. 99% of these "facts" are actually wrong.
  • by itsabouttime on Feb 19, 2010 at 05:08 PM
    the only trash can you can use is the one they give you. all of the items you throw away has to fit in that one can or they will not pick it cant build anything to put your can in because the truck picks the trash up with a arm and dumps it,so you cant put it in a cage.
  • by resident Location: LaCo on Feb 19, 2010 at 02:36 AM
    TO Anonymous Location: Bailey-But I hope that the county enacts a "leash" law so that we wont have to worry about the neighborhood dogs digging in the trash: Lauderdale County already has a leash law. I live in a sub-division & the dogs stay in the yards. We rarely have strays come through our property- even with woods nearby. Call animal control if you have or see a problem. The problem at the dumpsters & animal control has been addressed - they don't have the manpower.
  • by Clarke County Resident Location: Clarkedale on Feb 18, 2010 at 11:11 PM
    Roadside pickup is not horrible and we have bigger issues in Lauderdale County. Walmart has $15 dollar garbage cans with wheels that you can roll to the end of your driveway, then back to the house. Don't want it to tip over? Put a brick in the bottom. Yes, bins at the end of the road is unattractive, but so are large dumpsters that smell horrible and have trash around the sides of it and graffiti from our rising gang problems. Also it makes you waste less because you are more aware of the trash that goes out of your house. Great idea, now lets focus on the bigger issues.
  • by resident Location: LaCo on Feb 18, 2010 at 08:52 PM
    CORRECTION: I meant 21st century, my bad!. For those who worry about animals & others getting into 95 gal garbage cans, I seriously doubt that. We have several smaller plastic cans in our garage & a great dane & rottweiler. Neither dog nor other animal come out of the woods to get to our garbage in the garage. THIS IS FOR ROY: You already have a garbage tax now. You will still have the large item dump to take the sofas, chairs, stoves, refrigerators, etc... AND then there is still the landfill. No other county that has the cans (even smaller I might add) doesn't seem to have a problem with garbage strewn along the highway, streets or driveways. If you have a problem with someone dumping garbage on your property, call law enforcement, or file charges. This should not be a problem. I think not enough people have given it a chance. AS for BOSWELL, he is one of the 3 dunces, I was referring. I wouldn't vote for him for anything. Some of his people need to wake up to his shenanigans.
  • by anonymous Location: lauderdale county on Feb 18, 2010 at 05:54 PM
    Our garbage pickup will neither be door to door nor curbside. They will not pick up our garbage at the door and most roads in the county don't have curbs. The county is rural, it's not the city. Call it what it is, ROADSIDE pickup. Doesn't sound quite as progressive or convenient, but that's what it is.
  • by Martha Location: Meridian on Feb 18, 2010 at 04:31 PM
    I am glad to have door to door pick up in Lauderdale County, but I would like to see it go one step further with a green garbage can and a regular garbage can. Lauderdale County needs to seriously consider recycling some of it's waste before we run out of space for dumping garbage.
  • by Theresa Location: Lauderdale Co. on Feb 18, 2010 at 04:27 PM
    Riding up Hwy. 19N to Philadelphia today, I couldn't help but notice all of the attractive wooden and wire boxes people have put up to keep their trash cans so they won't be knocked over by animals, wind or people veering off the road. A decorative accent in front of beautiful new homes. This is progress. Our supervisors have absolutely no foresight. Have they never gotten stuck behind a garbage truck on N. Hills street on pick-up day? Progress. Craig Hitt has been on this like a bulldog on a soup bone. I can't help but wonder what's in it for him. Unfortunately I can't vote him out of office, but his buddy, Hank Florey, won't be getting my vote or anyone in my family. Since he took office I've emailed him several times and either he's too rude to acknowledge them, or he's not computer literate enough to read them. As for polls, they are easily manipulated and mean nothing. I heard of but never saw a petition. I protested in person at a supervisor's meeting. It meant nothing.
  • by Anonymous Location: Bailey on Feb 18, 2010 at 02:55 PM
    I'm glad the county is going to curbside pickup. If we start recycling more, we will generate less trash so once a week will be sufficient. But I hope that the county enacts a "leash" law so that we wont have to worry about the neighborhood dogs digging in the trash. And as far as the dumpster strays, animal control needs to "round" them up and handle that issue because these strays and the silly people that keep feeding them are the reason that the green dumpsters are in such a mess!!!Every time I try to empty my trash, I have to step over paper plates full of cat food and the mess associated with the cats (Highway 493 location). Feeding these strays are only making them breed more.
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