Mississippi's Our Little Miss

By: Rachel Alig Email
By: Rachel Alig Email

Young ladies of all ages competed Saturday afternoon in Mississippi's Our Little Miss Preliminary Pageant.

They competed in the natural beauty pageant. There were girls competing from as young as zero all the way up to 27 years old and up. News Center Eleven spoke with the 2009 World's Universal Beauty. She describes the benefits of competing in this pageant.

"Today's preliminary, the queens will win a crown, banner, and trophy. And when you move onto the state and world level, you get scholarship money and you get a robe and a big crown. It's just a lot of fun. Our pageant system is a natural beauty pageant. We're strictly natural. We don't wear a lot of makeup or a lot of hair," says Brittany Ford.

Girls competed in the talent portion of the competition. They also went through questions for the interview and ha the chance to shine in their party dress session.

Winners by age group:

0 to 2-years-old: Paisly McDaniel

3 to 4-years-old: Lakelyn Lewis

5 to 6-years-old: Kenleigh McGee

7 to 9-years-old: Natalie Peltz

7 to 9-years-old Living Doll: Alexis Hart

10 to 12-years-old: Angel Killen

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  • by Penny Location: Meridian on Apr 10, 2012 at 05:51 PM
    I will always give these young children money if i see them outside of a store. These are very respectful young ladies. They are always super sweet and have the best personalities. Whether its for hair & makeup, etc. the kids have a blast doing pageants and if thats their hobby then i say go for it. Some parents dont let kids be kids and they end up being bad, abusive, disrespectful, secluded and so on. I commend parents who let their children do what they love.... pageants. its no different than ball, dancing, gymnastics or any other sport.
  • by Gaye on Mar 15, 2012 at 06:49 AM
    Is this the group standing outside of every store in Meridian every weekend begging for money? I am so sick of seeing these kids out there panhandling for money to go and compete in a pageant. They say it's for a scholarship fund but it's not. It's for them to pay entry fees, hair and make up artist, and buy tacky clothing. Meridian needs to ban this kind of solicitation.
  • by Nicole Location: mississippi on Feb 9, 2012 at 10:01 AM
    I didnt grow up in pageants but i came into the pageantry world as a teen and i can say that pageants have benefited me in many ways over the years. yes there are pervs in the world-pageants or no pageants. they're unavoidable! my girls started as babies and now they look back at the stuff they won and they're PROUD. more than just my benefit! my benefit is seeing them happy and proud and want to strive to be awesome in every way!
  • by Laura Location: Meridian on Mar 30, 2010 at 01:49 PM
    SAMANTHA: If you are referring to Guy South of I-20 as "looking at these children in these beauty pageants as disgusting or exploiting", who said he "looked" at them----and, even if he had, why should he be "locked up and the key thrown away"? I agree with him, as I have already posted, totally---if parents who enter these small children in these so-called "beauty pageants", they are only doing it for what's in it for them. These babies are not going to know anything about being strutted around on a makeshift stage; it's all for the parents' "sense of achievement". I think these pageants, regardless of what level they are, are an abomination. Do you know the meaning of that word, Samantha? Probably not.
  • by Anonymous on Mar 30, 2010 at 12:58 PM
    I am a woman in my 30's and I grew up in pageants. It gave me tons of self confidence. I have NEVER been scared to speak in front of 100's of people at a time. I agree, some people only know pageants by watching TV. They have no idea what these pageants are like. They also have no desire to educate themselves about it either. It is MUCH easier to sit anonymously behind a computer screen and degrade others.
  • by samantha Location: meridian on Mar 30, 2010 at 07:51 AM
    A grown man that looks at these children in these beauty pageants as disgusting or exploiting should be locked up and the key thrown away.
  • by Kim Location: Meridian on Mar 29, 2010 at 10:01 PM
    If your only experience with children's pageants is Jonbenet or Toddlers and Tiaras then you should reserve your comments for something you are a little more educated about. There are "natural" pageants out there for little girls where the fake hair, teeth, eyelashes, spray tan, and over the top clothing isn't allowed. It's a hobby for a lot of people. Yes, for some it is a lifestyle but people get too wrapped up and involved in many activities, not just pageants. Little League for one. The remark that the mother's are usually the ones who never got attention is nothing more than immature. It is no more "exploitive" than children playing sports, taking dance and gymnastics, or music lessons. It is a chance for girls and young women to have their "Miss America" experience just like the little boy on the pitchers mound at Phil Hardin dreaming of the big leagues. As far as people not liking the news coverage, if your TV doesn't change channels or doesn't have an off button, unplug it.
  • by Anonymous Location: Meridian on Mar 29, 2010 at 07:24 AM
    This is a great thing for children to build their self esteem and a stage presence. This was a "natural" beauty pageant. There was no fake hair, fake eyelashes or a lot of make up. This pageant is a great way for kids to dress up, have fun, and get used to being on stage and in front of people. The interview process was on stage and these kids had to answer questions in front of the audience. Like the other lady said, you should come watch and you will change your mind about this.
  • by Sabrina Location: Toomsuba on Mar 29, 2010 at 04:41 AM
    Congrats Angel Killen you have been working hard and it is paying off, you go girl.WE are all proud of you.
  • by Laura Location: Meridian on Mar 28, 2010 at 03:13 PM
    SANDRA: I am not wrong. I completely agree with GUY SOUTH OF I-20; the "contests" are disgusting, and the children are exploited. And what JO says is also true; does WTOK not have anything else to cover on the news front than a kiddie pageant? If that is all that takes up their time, I really feel sorry for them. They don't exactly know how to pick their stories, do they?
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