Bond Set for Capital Murder Suspect

A hearing Tuesday in Lauderdale County Circuit Court set bond for a man charged with capital murder in the 2009 death of Jerome Hearn.

Defendant Ricky Thomas has been held with no bond since his arrest in November.

However, Judge Lester Williamson Tuesday set bond at $50,000, because of delays in the case.

The March grand jury heard the evidence but did not issue an indictment. Instead it sent the case back to Meridian Police for further investigation.

"We see that the grand jury, they didn't have anything on him and they should release him," said Thomas' father, Ricky Cobb. "And they keep dancing around it and they know they don't have anything on him. This is the saddest thing I've ever seen right here. But I know this. He will be released."

"The bond was set too low for both the charges combined. But I'm also pleased at the same time that he's being held because of his probation or parole violations," said Hearn's sister, Christina Henderson. "So I'm pleased with the decision but I still feel the bond was set too low for both of the charges combined."

The judge said he does not have authority to make a ruling on the parole violation charge against Thomas, who is in custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections in Leakesville.

District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell said the case against Thomas and a second defendant, Frederick Moore, will be presented to the August grand jury.

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  • by for the record... on Apr 25, 2010 at 01:41 AM
    to I know da truth:: If you know THE truth then you should step up to the plate and hit a home-run! If you don't know the truth and you are just saying that to feel special, then shut up. Don't get on here and start saying you know those "boys" aren't guilty. LEAVE THAT UP TO THE JUDGE TO DECIDE.
  • by I Kno DA Truth on Apr 16, 2010 at 03:38 PM
    if a gun is discovered it would be a blessing that way these boys can be let free cuz they are innocent in this case
  • by for the record... on Apr 15, 2010 at 11:25 PM
    First off... a gun will be discovered one day. It may be ten or twenty years from now. However ONE DAY it will show up. Whoever did this got rid of the gun. Be for this town people sale stolen and personal guns on the street. That gun could be in Alabama right now...then again it could be laying on the side of the road somewhere. Nobody has really looked hard enough into the case...much less the gun.
  • by I know Da Truth on Apr 15, 2010 at 12:12 PM
    Speak The Truth: See U're speaking on what u heard but until U've rode thru da whole case U kno nothing when some1 gets charged w/a crime is due 2probable cause it was definitely a murder & they had an alleged eye witness who later recanted his story they cant just believe he said she said they have 2have physical evidence 2prove their suspensions then da reason why they didnt put da eye witness on da stand was because he said he couldnt read or write but ____ he didnt have 2know how 2get these boys charged & as far as a search warrant there was never 1 a gun was never discovered gun powder residue was not detected & those detectives never got off their butts 2 2investigate they continued 2sit & let incorrect info come to them. then further da alleged eye witness had given several diff. stories before they even charged them so please dont say they had more than enough then the more i think it doesnt take much to get charged but a ____ of alot 2get convicted but we're not just laying down
  • by Speak The Truth on Apr 15, 2010 at 08:00 AM
    Mr.I Know Da Truth. If you know the truth why dont you go to the Police and tell them what you have proof of and who done the Murder. From what I know of the case, there was sufficient evidence that held up through 4 seperate hearings and The Lawyers were not able to dispute the evidence the Police had. The Police have to investigate and have sufficient evidence before a JUDGE can sign a warrant for a person to be arrested. What I understand the problem was with the Grand Jury, was not that the charges were invalid or there was not proof. What I was told problem was with the District Attorney who went back and told them he did not want to pursue the case because the EYE WITNESS now denied everything he seen and refused to testify and he did not want to put the EYE Witness on the stand to Perjure himself. From what I was told the Police had more than enough evidence that Moore and Thomas done it and was arrested. Maybe the Distrcit attorney needs to do his what he supposed to do better.
  • by Da other side that's HURTING on Apr 14, 2010 at 06:15 PM
    This is so so hurtful and I miss you soooo Much I never in my life knew things could be so messed up there was a time in my life that i believed everything that happened on the news until the day they charged you the wrong person with murder without doing the proper investigation i dont blame the Hearn family for wanting someone to go down for the crime, but i do blame the MPD for believeing the "he said/she said" crap.... things should have NEVER got this far out of hand and wouldnt have if they would have taken the proper procedures in handling a CAPITAL MURDUR!!!! Its a shame u make 1 mistake and u do the time but yet it follows u where ever u go. This is a serious crime and the investigation is as if just a pack of gum was stolen... Its about to be over slowly but SURELY just hold on............
  • by I Kno Da Truth on Apr 14, 2010 at 05:05 PM
    All this is some B*#LS@%T!!!!! I am sorry for the Hearns loss. In the same case I am sorry for the Thomas family & Moore faamily loss as well. They are without their loved ones for so long for NO REASON!!! I hope that when Rick & Fred get out they Sue the .... outta MPD!!! These men have been in jail for 6....6....6...monthes with no evidence. Where are their rights....for 1 a speedy trial. And all this "what Rick did before" that has nothing to do with what he is in jail for now. Their families try to keep them in good spirits but how when this like something off a movie!!!! This is the part in the movie when you stand up and say "yeah I guess they would have to do that to make movie interesting" but this is REAL LIFE!!!! also with all the information given you would think the Hearn family would want justice for their brother, son, father, not just any old person just so "someone" goes down for it.
  • by ceily on Apr 14, 2010 at 07:52 AM
    The police dept shouldn't arrest anyone without enough evidence but it's hard on both sides of the families. One has lost someone precious to them and the other could lose theirs. We are living in sad times when no one has compassion for anyone's life. I hope for the families the truth is revealed and the families may move on with a sense of peace.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2010 at 07:49 AM
    I really hope i read that wrong... maybe Ricky is not guilty but are you really saying Jerome is just another drug dealer off of the streets ???? If so you should think about what you said he was a father, brother, son, friend (had alot of friends actually) and he was very good to his family...Ricky obviously isnt on the right road either or he wouldnt be mixed up in this wether he is guilty or not if you are doing right and living right you wouldnt be arrested for murder!!!!!! There are alot of people that use and sell drugs and I do agree they need to be arrested or put in rehabs but brutally murdered NO NO ONE deserves that....You obviously never lost anyone that you love.
  • by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2010 at 08:52 PM
    i believe Ricky should be set free. It's another drug dealer off the streets. Jerome sold druds and used them. We need to clean up the streets. What goes around comes around.
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