Judge Blocks Drilling Moratorium

By: The Associated Press
By: The Associated Press

A federal judge in New Orleans has blocked a six-month moratorium on new deep water drilling projects that was imposed in response to the massive Gulf oil spill. The White House says the administration will appeal.

Several companies that ferry people and supplies and provide other services to offshore drilling rigs had asked U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans to overturn the moratorium.

Obama had halted the approval of any new permits for deep water drilling and suspended drilling at 33 exploratory wells in the Gulf.

Feldman says in his ruling that the Interior Department failed to provide adequate reasoning for the moratorium. He says it seems to assume that because one rig failed, all companies and rigs doing deep water drilling pose an imminent danger.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour praised the judge's decision. He says the
moratorium was a bad policy that could hurt the national economy.

Barbour says he hopes the judge's ruling will take effect quickly and be upheld on appeal. The governor said earlier this month that stopping deep water drilling for six months could prompt some oil companies to move their equipment to other countries.

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  • by You ARE kidding right? Location: Barksdale AFB on Jul 2, 2010 at 10:09 PM
    Get real Anonymous Location: Mississippi on Jun 27, 2010 at 09:50 AM! He's made everything that has happened during his administration worse than ever conceived. The safety issue came on Clinton's watch.... you know the 8 before Bush! Oblame-o trippled any economy he inherited. GOP voting Southerners are going to coalesce & unified again & stop being pushed aside. It is about livelihod & lives of the people... but have you looked at he democRATs $multiM houses & estates & wasteful spending lately??? Go Green Gore $8M on a CA coastal house? Please get real!!!
  • by Anonymous Location: Mississippi on Jun 27, 2010 at 07:50 AM
    Bush & Cheney said the Oil in Iraq would pay for the wars!!!!! But BP and the other oil companies took the oil and money and ran off. Where's the American Peoples' tax money Bush-GOP??? Bush & Cheney Administration hired these OIL company people and put them in charge of the USA's OIL and Energy. Thats putting the Foxes guarding the Hen houses. The GOP Federal Judge, (that Bush appointed has Oil stocks and connections with and Oil companies) and have ruled against the stoppage for 6 month drilling. What happens when another if we have another spill in the Gulf?? Gulf Coast life as we see it, will not exist anymore. Obama inherited the Greater Depression, the War and Oil Crisis, and now the blame for these Bush-GOP irresponsible Oil politicizes. When are the GOP voting Southerners going to wake up and smell the coffee??? It is about the money and not the livelihood and lives of the people...
  • by R&B fan Location: southern gal on Jun 26, 2010 at 07:40 PM
    RICK & BUBBA The last four letters in American: I Can The last four letters in Republican: I Can The last four letters in Democrats: RATS!
  • by Rick & Bubba on Jun 25, 2010 at 06:55 PM
    This was just too good to pass up: Meeting with BP CEO for destroying the Gulf -50 Days. Meeting with General for insulting the president -2 Days. How good does it get.
  • by WH jesters one & all on Jun 25, 2010 at 06:48 PM
    At least Barbour & the other governors were at the coast from the first... it took othinko how many days to take time out of his "busy" schedule to even get to the gulf & then didn't make any decisions.... __________ around....played golf & basketball & whatever. Oh yeah, didn't even go to the Unknown Soldier's grave on Memorial Day... played more golf, what have you.... has he made any final decisions yet? Now Biden is coming, why? 2nd "best" .... cheezy I'd say. Both are hindering the spill & cleanup. Neither can make decisions. Both are bobble-heads. Ovomit is worse than Carter.
  • by Drill, Baby, Drill on Jun 25, 2010 at 06:41 PM
    Are you serious? The oil companies need to get back in the gulf, the Atlantic & everywhere they can drill to stop buying foreign oil. I'm glad the GOP is doing something, not holding back people's lives. We will NOT always have oil. We will NOT be able to go by planes, trains & automobiles. We're headed into a global society with a global government & a global economy. Oblameo wants so bad to be leader of this global society that he's selling out this one. You'd better be glad that the GOP is holding it together with what glue & paste that it's allotted. Ever heard of "Nero fiddled while Rome burned"? Well, he's fiddling & the piper's playing & all the little rats are following them right into a holocaust. GOP??? Al Gore with his $8M "green" beach house, yeah right. And, Nancy Pelosi with her multi$Ms... "let them eat cake".... what part of "out of touch" do you not see? Turn RIGHT here|>. Ditto Jay, Don & Anon [11:59 PM, 03:14 PM, 03:48 PM].
  • by Anonymous on Jun 25, 2010 at 01:48 PM
    Same thing occurred to me, Jay and Anonymous at 3:14. The president hates "big oil" companies and private business in general, but that doesn't stop him from flying to Chicago or driving out to the golf course SEVEN times since the oil spill happened. Typical of this mentality....wants all of US to "go green" while they continue living a privileged lifestyle. That's how the communists/socialists/dictators live. They have comfort and convenience and it's fine with them if we just scrape along the best we can. It doesn't impact them. Squash protest and control the media and then you don't even have to hear from us! It's coming folks. Wake up!
  • by Anonymous on Jun 25, 2010 at 01:14 PM
    I agree with Jay here...Those of you who think the oil companies are being greedy...why don't you all just walk instead of driving. Our government is steadily telling us what we can and cannot do. I for one would like to live my life the way I see fit, not the way the current administration wants me to live it! And to Anonymous at 8:51...If you had to walk to the grocery store in this heat I bet you would want them to continue to drill.
  • by Anonymous on Jun 24, 2010 at 06:51 AM
    I hope the people of Louisiana and Mississippi are happy with money hungry GOP politicians they put in power. These people are interested in padding their pockets with oil money, over the lives/livelihood/property, and food of the people of the Gulf Coast. The Gulf seafood industry for the USA and the World is now gone for the next 10-20 years. The Gulf Coast people have lost everything and Governors of Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama still say drill baby drill. It shows the American people how Great the Corporations are treated and how the working class People are treated by these Governors.. We will always have oil, but the seafood Supply is drying up now. These oil politicians are trying to drill anywhere and everywhere for the oil and doesn't care about the people or their food supply. They are rice enough to go elsewhere for their food. What do Americans want?? More Oil or more food? Can't eat the oil...
  • by Anonymous on Jun 23, 2010 at 09:59 PM
    ok ok.. here is the trouble this administration is the one that allowed the rig to go with no safety checks it was made exempt from the law.. and no it isnt a right wing judge... he was put there by clinton .. veteran for one as educated as you are to toss out the judge was/ might been bought off make me wonder... but then i guess you dont need money from clients . you will care for their pets for free as all that have lost their jobs due to the fat the rigs are stopped... or havent you noticed companies that supply the rigs have started laying off
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