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By: Mike McDaniel
By: Mike McDaniel

With Mississippi's voter identification up to the U.S. Department of Justice, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says it may be a waste of time and money.
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This after Stephanie Gyamfi, an employee responsible for application reviews, made public her view of Mississippi.

"Her comments were unprofessional, unwarranted, irresponsible and misguided," said Hosemann.

Those comments were posted on her facebook page and read like this, "disgusting and shameful. Hey, that should replace the state motto... Mississippi, disgusting and shameful... Forget the magnolia state motto."

Hosemann says he talked to Gyamfi and was told the comments were taken out of context. Regardless, Hosemann is calling for action.

"This employee not only should not review Mississippi's application for voter ID, she shouldn't review anyone's application for voter ID."

Texas and South Carolina had similar initiatives rejected by the department and Hosemann believes Mississippi may be next.

"It's more evidence of the bias of the staff at the justice department," said Hans von Spakovsky who worked in the department's civil rights division for four years

Spakovsky now works as senior legal fellow in The Heritage Foundation's Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. Spakovsky says he's not surprised by the comments.

"I know this particular woman and she was one of the most partisan career people I ever ran into in the division," said Spakovsky.

The hope was to have voter ID in place before November's presidential election. With the comments and rejection of other states, Hosemann says that most likely won't happen, especially if the issue ends up in court.

That's exactly where Spakovsky says it should be.

"Mississippi would be foolish to submit the voter ID law for pre clearance to justice instead of just going straight to court in Washington," said Spakovsky.

Hosemann wrote a letter of concern to the department and got a call saying Gyamfi would not be working on Mississippi's application. Even so, Hosemann says stereotypes are playing a role where they shouldn't be.

"We just want our time at the plate and we want our time to be impartial by our government," said Hosemann.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Department of Justice responded to the comment in question saying it was made back in March after a group of students at a Southern Mississippi basketball game began chanting "where's your green card" as an opposing player was on the court.

The department maintains Gyamfi is a respected employee and isn't assigned to Mississippi's application.

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  • by Gregory Location: Collinsville on May 9, 2012 at 10:53 AM
    Mississippians, you live in one of the poorest states in the nation. The state fails in metrics such as teen pregnancy, obesity, cancer deaths, premature deaths, average IQ -- the list goes on and on. And yet people have seriously suggested to me that Mississippians can solve their problems by going to church more often. OF COURSE! WE JUST NEED TO PRAY MORE! Hah, and with this stupid bill, all you care about is keeping certain segments of the population from voting. THIS BILL WILL IN NO WAY IMPROVE YOUR LIVES. (Not to mention it will waste millions of dollars when it is eventually challenged and struck down.) Yeah, you're being fleeced, Mississippians -- and let me tell you, it couldn't happened to a more deserving bunch of people. Hey, I have an idea: maybe you should pray about it! Idiots.
  • by Anonymous on May 9, 2012 at 09:29 AM
    Seriously Hoseman. We know voter ID is one of your pet projects. But to go after a lowly DOJ employee is cowardly. You show indignation over her comments, but you stay silent when the governor calls Democrats murderers. Spakousky, did you work for DOJ under Bush when he cleaned house at DOJ of all who were not Republican, and you talk of bias. Who is the Heritage Foundation? A conservative think tank, which support oppressive policies and people like Hoseman, etc., who want to suppress the vote and push a repressive Republican regime's agenda. Mr. Hoseman it appears you have some soul searching to do. Don't get mad at the child who said the "Emporer has not clothes on." MS promotes a stereotype, by our flag; being first when it comes to poverty, infant mortality, drop-out rates, etc. Instead, we chose to spend millions on issues which are insignificant. Where is your indignation when it comes to lack of early voting and voter fraud through absentee voting. Does Hoseman think that he is unbiased, please. Stop wasting our tax dollars and work on solving the big issues facing our state, or is it all about power, politics, greed, and re-election. Get voters lathered up about voter ID, and at the end of the day your state is the poorest state in the nation, and if you look at the Delta, one may say the poorest region in the world. Just as you say the people have spoken on voter ID, they also spoke on personhood, but in your bias position you only heard one voice. The same voters who voted for you and other Republicans voted NO to personhood (not Dems). You have the numbers but you choose to disregard what you want to disregard. Who is irresponsible, unprofessional, disrespectful, etc.? It is you and your party Mr. Dilbert, Delbert, Ingelbert Hoseman.
  • by question? on May 8, 2012 at 10:57 PM
    Mr.Spakovsky why did you leave the DOJ? Im sorry, it may be too personal.I always thought people who left such a position did not have the liberty to involve themselves in such issues.
    • reply
      by Joe on May 9, 2012 at 06:57 AM in reply to question?
      Are you kidding? Why shouldn't someone who once worked there give an opinion. That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Let's make sure all the out-of-work Obama political hacks are forced to keep their mouths shut in 2013 about the Romney administration, right?
  • by hummm on May 8, 2012 at 10:52 PM
    "Even so, Hosemann says stereotypes are playing a role where they shouldn't be". where have heard that before.if it had been said by others it would have been attacked.lets be fair across the board. mr h is doing a good job but that statement was also unbefitting. stereotypes are playing a role where they shouldn't be? then where should they be played?
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