Meridian Businesses Targeted in Robberies

Just after 9 a.m., a black male suspect wearing a red hoodie and armed with a gun held up the AAA Trophy Shop on 5th Street.

Police spent most of the morning trying to track him down in the area near the crime scene, but were not able to find him.

"He wanted to see about a trophy for his daughter," said owner, Butch Wright. "And he told me he had to step back outside and check with his mom to see how much money he could spend. And when he come back in, it wasn't too much longer till I was staring down the barrel of the gun."

Wright said the man got all the money he had in the register, several hundred dollars.

The second robbery happened Tuesday afternoon at a store in the North Hills area.

Police say Hodge Podge by Linda was held up at about 2:45 p.m. by a black male, also wearing a red hoodie, with black and white checked shorts.

The third holdup happened about 4:30 p.m. at the Antique Mall on Roebuck Drive.

Police say a clean-cut black male, this time wearing a black hoodie, and also wearing checked shorts, held up that store and then ran away from the building on foot.

Shortly before 6 p.m., a person was robbed by two young black males wearing hoodies in the parking lot of the Hungry Heifer on 14th Street.

Despite the similarities in the robberies, police aren't saying that they are connected.

"Obviously our detective division is looking into the possibility it is the same person," said Meridian police spokesman, Officer Mike Vick. "There are always similarities in an armed robbery."

Vick noted that there were variations in the clothing descriptions.

If you have any information on these crimes or others, you may report to to Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.

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  • by Julie Location: Meridian on Nov 22, 2010 at 09:32 AM
    All of you who responded to my post regarding "salient points" missed the impetus of my posting. Obviously, you don't understand the meaning of the word "salient", and probably don't have a clue as to "impetus" either. In case you're interested, I was trying to understand your attitude, and hoped you would understand mine. Obviously, that was not the case. I DID NOT say you should not be armed to protect yourselves. Actually, I was trying to take your part. If you would just read thoroughly and not attempt to find some hidden meaning in my posts, you might be able to respond accordingly. As far as being condescending, that was surely not my intent.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 21, 2010 at 01:50 PM
    case of law you post it and others perform a attack against you then your covered for the use of deadly force.. no different then beware of dog sign.. and the fool breaks in anyway and the dog makes lunch of them...
  • by Peabody Location: Zero on Nov 21, 2010 at 12:15 AM
    Julie: I do not want the thug to be surprised, I want him to be expected to be DEAD. Also learn how to count your salient points. In case you as confused as you seem no one has talked about forming a posse. A posse hunts down someone, we are talking about defending on the spot. Sound like you are laying with someone who might be dead soon.
  • by Terri Location: Meridian on Nov 20, 2010 at 06:50 PM
    Wow Julie. What a Condescending attitude. What business is it of yours to tell us WHAT we can/should post in this OPEN FORUM? As others have said, no one has lost the element of surprise. How is some would be crook going to know that I am or am not armed??? I don't wear a label that says "Hey I posted on WTOK website". And where in the world is this "armed posse" nonsense coming from? Did anyone suggest that we all meet up one night and go on the "hunt"? No- we all simply stated that we intend to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. What is your problem with people stating their desire to not be taken advantage of by criminals? If you have an actual opinion about the original article, please share. Otherwise, all you've done is attack the posters with you opinions against them- not the actual matter at hand. And fyi- no one was bragging or trying to be a "big bad person" as you so snottily commented. We were simply stating our desire to find a means of protection.
  • by Peabody Location: Zero on Nov 20, 2010 at 01:19 AM
    To Julie:Not bragging just facts.Commenting on what we are going to do against what sounds like your boyfriend only states that we are tired of the crap and will take matters into our own hands to protect our own.Our comments are posted to other people who can actually read not the trash doing these crimes who have no ability to read or comprehend the English language. Depending on what vehicle I or my wife is in anyone in a 'hoodie' will have a 40 or 44 cal. trained on them.
  • by John on Nov 19, 2010 at 10:57 PM
    Julie, everyone understands your 'saliant points'. They are just dumb and poorly thought out. Quit boring us with your repeated explanations.
  • by Julie Location: Meridian on Nov 19, 2010 at 04:20 PM
    OK---I am going to explain this ONE MORE TIME. My two salient points in my post were the following: IF you are going to arm yourself, do it---but why declare that you are going to do it on this comment page? What good is that going to do? This comment brought about the possibility that MAYBE, just maybe, that the element of surprise MIGHT work in your favor. My third comment was, which I hoped you would pay attention to, is that there are not armed posses any more. Therefore, arm yourselves if you feel the need, but why announce it on this opinion page----pumping yourselves up to be the big bad person. Just do what you feel you need to do---just don't brag on it. OK---satisfied? I don't care whether you are or not; I believe I have made myself extremely clear in trying to decipher my post so you all can understand it. If you still can't understand it, I feel sorry for you.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 19, 2010 at 02:34 PM
    Julie I did re-read your original post. I even printed it and let others in my office read it. We all came to the same conclusion the other posters did. Maybe it is YOU who needs to re-read your post. Or is your point to always criticize others?
  • by Really? Location: Meridian on Nov 19, 2010 at 07:40 AM
    Julie, these thugs NEED to know that people have had enough and are arming themselves. So the more people that openly advertise it the better. Maybe if they know they might get shot for that $200 they're stealing they'll be a little less likely to do it. Have you considered that these "rednecks" openly bragging out about their willingness to use a gun might actually save the life of a potential criminal? And being willing to defend your family, yourself, and your possessions hardly puts you on the same level as a criminal willing to threaten to kill for drug or jewelry money.
  • by Sam Location: Meridian on Nov 19, 2010 at 07:27 AM
    It's way over due Meridian...We must lock and load to protect ourselves from The thugs from blvile.
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