York Voters Seek Change in Election

The town of York, Ala., this week elected a new mayor and all but one new member to the town council.

By a vote of 686 to 428, challenger Glenda Dubose defeated two-term incumbent mayor, Carolyn Gosa.

"We did all that we could do for the time that we had," said Gosa. "And we really used all of the resources that were available to York. York is better, stronger. We're doing great things in York. I just know that the new administration will continue in that process."

Now poised to take that office is political newcomer, Glenda Dubose.

"I just want to change the community, cut the grass, make it look better," Dubose said.

In order to make it look better, Dubose says one of her first projects will be contacting property owners who are not doing proper upkeep and getting the problem addressed.

She also said she plans to work to improve the town's streets, which she says have potholes. Plus, the mayor-elect said if needed she will seek grant funding to keep residents gutters clean.

"As I campaigned, some of the citizens expressed to me that the grass was not cut. The gutters weren't cleaned out. The drain doesn't work like it's supposed to, because it's got nowhere to drain to," Dubose said.

Dubose said any other changes are yet to be determined. She said when and if they occur, it will have to be after the town's newly-elected officials meet and review matters. All new city officials in York are to be sworn into office Nov. 3.

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  • by Concerned Citizen Location: York on Sep 28, 2008 at 07:41 AM
    Let me say this to everyone that has something negative to say about the election. Ok the election is over and still you want to cause hurt and pain to the Gosa family. Why are we still dwelling on the election. Can't you see where dwelling on the election got us right now. Dubose won fair and square and just let it be. My personal opinion is that you knew who you had in office but make sure you know what you are getting. And to Mrs. Dubose don't be surprised if with your first month in office and you don't do one thing someone wants if they turn on you. See it's one thing to have friends but you must know that work come before play. So don't let these "FRIENDS" cause you to losing your job. These are the same people that don't want to give to the schools here. Some of these people won't even pay their wated bills. I know of people that has not paid water bills since they got water. And no it is not someone in the Gosa family.
  • by gosa please go away Location: york on Sep 26, 2008 at 11:41 AM
    u have done nothing but brought this town saddness and anger u need 2 get out a s a p don't be scared now that you have gotten ur whole family n danger,after spending all of city of york money u still have nothing to show 4 it by the way why do u have ur family n HUD HOUSES ait't u 2 high class 4 that.gosa no 1 will b surprised if anyting happen 2 u r ur family right along with rowery.
  • by SOMETHING ELSE TO SAY Location: YORK,AL on Sep 22, 2008 at 09:23 AM
    Let's just be glad that the red head devil is up and out of here. Many of these people are not HATING but are telling the truth about Gosa. So go on GOSA, you and ROWRY are no longer welcome here to take anymore lives about this election DRAMA. Also, you should spend the city money back where the city money belong, (BACK IN YORK). Peace Out.
  • by SOMETHING 2 SAY Location: YORK AL on Sep 20, 2008 at 11:00 AM
    THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF MAYOR GOSA;I PERSONAL THINK SHE NEEDS 2 GROW UP AN ACCEPT DA FACT THAT SHE MESSED UP YORK AN LEFT AN AWFUL LOT 4 OUR NEW MAYOR Mrs.Dubose 2clean up accept da fact an move on please because u have cause enough dramma
  • by People Spoke Location: Rabbit Branch on Sep 17, 2008 at 10:25 AM
    York Citizen...you are so right! The proof will be in the living conditions the next few years. NOW...for the comment of pre-gosa years.....what does that mean exactly? I remember a THRIVING BUSINESS DISTRICT...All stores open & running. I remember nice clean neighborhoods, excellent volunteer fire dept. The water alone says it all! Mr. Stallings kept CLEAN, DRINKABLE water. Mrs. Moore kept city water/gas/sewage bills RIGHT. (which was the last time that happened). Obie kept the downtown area CLEAN. No pothole dodging streets. We had tax money pouring in from Interstate Ford, Green Bro. 7 Major Gas Stations, 4 Hotel/Motels, Record Shop, Health Dept. Full Hospitals, Coke/McGreggor/RobRoy/Plants. 2 Hardware/2Drug/Grants/Cobbs/Peppas/Stores. I see it as no coincidence that the families of these businesses did not carry the places on. The few that have stuck it out, PIGGLY WIGGLY, ACE, Tee's,Bill's, York Drug, Jr. Food, and Church's need a award hanging in there.Yes, we need PRAYER.
  • by york citizen Location: my hometown on Sep 8, 2008 at 11:35 AM
    The true testament to the new administration will be day to day living conditions experienced by York citizens once the new administration is in office. Arrests, violent attitudes and smart mouthed comments do not a secure business make, - which is after all what a city is. Wise financial decisions and proper business practices offer stability and security for citizens. So, let's see how things go over the next few years. We all need to Pray that our prior living conditions experienced before Gosa was in office do not come back to haunt us.
  • by People Spoke Location: Rabbit Branch on Sep 5, 2008 at 03:40 PM
    To:So Sad What EXACTLY have YOU done to make yourself an expert to JUDGE other people's life? Jealous of What, in your EXPERT opinion? YOUR comments are the ones "off-base." WHERE has YOUR voice been? Again, in YOUR EXPERT OPINION, who's life is lived in vain? Have YOU made York any better? Talk about COWARDLY ATTACKS.....maybe YOU need to clean up around your own back door before trying to clean around someone else's. Ride thru York, DOWNTOWN, seen ANYTHING that looks like progress? Business's closed, moved on. There was a car stolen during Church Services. Where is the leadership? Anything Glenda does, will be an improvement. Someone said it was a CIRCUS. All I can say is: Circus WELCOME to YORK! Can't wait for the OPENING ACT. Glenda, if you need help PLEASE ASK FOR IT. You might be surprised how many people would be willing to help...FOR FREE.
  • by So Sad Location: York on Sep 5, 2008 at 11:53 AM
    You state that you have lived in York all of your life, but does not state what you have done for the city that you live in. What a wasted life, if it is not a life of service. It really sounds like you are jealous of Mayor Gosa. Your comments are so off base and are from one extreme to another. You go from slinging power to hurricanes! Is this a clear glass of your mind. Where have you been and what are you talking about? You shouldn't have to wait for someone with a voice, what is wrong with your voice - speak up for yourself and for the people that need assistance. Then your life will not be in vain. It will truly be a life of service. Don't take the coward way out by hiding and making erroneous statements. Again, what have you done to make your city better?? Besides cowardly attack a person who put herself on the frontline.
  • by THE TRUTH Location: York, Alabama on Sep 4, 2008 at 04:14 AM
    I have lived in York, Alabama all of my life. The 8 years that Gosa was in office was very predictable. I knew that she would sling her power around and whomever knew her could just say her name and the police dared not to touch them. Its sad that the very ones that are supposedly protecting us are criminals themselves. I just hope that this change Mayor Dubose speaks highly of starts to show dramatically and quickly. We asked for change and has been blessed with it. First of all the water system needs to be renewed, secondly we need programs for the youth instead of just school programs. Drugs has taken over York as well. We need more Rehab Centers. Yes, there are homeless in York, so shelters should be opened for them and when disaster strikes we have nothing to offer. Hurricane season is here again and we have no shelters for them. What kind of message are we sending to the victims of the hurricanes? Finally someone with a voice for the people and not just for her people.
  • by GrassCutter Location: The Black Hole on Sep 2, 2008 at 05:55 PM
    Go Figure, Mayor of York is a minimum wage job with a full time headache. Imagine, your only income being the services some citizens refuse to pay for. You have a cell phone but no water service, no job, no money ,no vision, no hope. That's why so much hate. Use the rest of your monthly allotment of food stamps to have another fish fry and bar-b-que like the one at the polls on election day. It was a farce, it was a joke, more clowns than the circus.The Election, Totally Invalid. Its more to it than cutting grass and cleaning gutters which the "new administration" will soon find out. The election is over, move on, get a life. All you have is an opportunity to do something for your self. Don't wait for the new mayor to cut your grass. Cut it yourself. But that would be like work.
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