East Mississippi Municipal Races

Decatur-Mayor-Independent (Election June 2)
Randy Rushing

Decatur Board of Aldermen-Ward 1-Independent
Max Anderson

Decatur Board of Aldermen-Ward 2-Independent
Mark Buntyn
Jimmy Smith

Decatur Board of Aldermen-Ward 3-Independent
Eleanor Russell

Decatur Board of Aldermen-Ward 4-Independent
Leon Eatmon
Robert S. "Sid" Etie

Decatur Board of Aldermen-Ward 5-Independent
Michael A. Anderson
Gus Vallas

DeKalb-Mayor-Independent (Election June 2)
Clark Adams
Homer Hall, Jr.
Jimmy White

DeKalb Board of Aldermen-Ward 1-Independent
Johnny Rush

DeKalb Board of Aldermen-Ward 2-Independent
Mamie Darnell Alexander
James W. Craig
Ashley D. Pilgrim

DeKalb Board of Aldermen-Ward 3-Independent
Theotis Cole, Jr.

DeKalb Board of Aldermen-Ward 4-Independent
Mary A. Donald

DeKalb Board of Aldermen-Ward 5-Independent
Dallas Keith Barnes - incumbent

Enterprise-Mayor (Election June 2)
Larry Murray

Enterprise-Board of Aldermen-Republican
Gerald Covington
Cecil Melton

Enterprise-Board of Aldermen-Democrat
Ben Moore

Enterprise-Board of Aldermen-Independent
Greg Chandler
Peggy Mosley
Hilda Newman

*Carolyn Burks (advances to June 2 election)
Tommy Nichols

Ted Valentine
Sylvia Dawkins

Hickory-Board of Aldermen-Ward 1-Democrat
R-Lori Evans
Paul Oglesbee
R-Billie Robinson

Hickory-Board of Aldermen-Ward 2-Democrat
Sidney Cook
*Greg Hudnall

Hickory-Board of Aldermen-Ward 3-Democrat
John Brand
Ken Morgan

Hickory-Board of Aldermen-Ward 4-Democrat
Charles Guyse
Roy White

Hickory-Board of Aldermen-Ward 4-Independent
Katrina Evans

Hickory-Board of Aldermen-Ward 5-Democrat
*Donna Ferguson
Johnny Hillhouse
Angus Robinson

Marion-Mayor (Election June 2)
Elvis Hudson (unopposed)

Marion Board of Aldermen (at-large 5 to be elected)
Barbara Anthony
Roger Cherry
Lisa Eaves
Don Larson
Bernice Martin
Bobbie Sherrod
Rita Rawson
Tammy Taylor

*Percy Bland (advances to general election)
William Bond Compton, Jr.
Joe Norwood
Casandra Sloan

*Cheri Barry

Meridian City Council-Ward 1-Republican
*Dr. George Thomas
Wally Hudnall
Jesse Barnett

Meridian City Council-Ward 2-Democrat
*Mary Perry

(Tavio Rand had sought the Ward 2 city council seat as an independent but he was disqualified Apr. 17 by a vote of the Meridian Municipal Election Commission.)

Meridian City Council-Ward 3-Democrat
*Randle Jennings

Meridian City Council-Ward 3-Republican
*Barbara Henson

Meridian City Council-Ward 4-Democrat
*Jesse Palmer, Sr.
John Nelson, Jr.

Meridian City Council-Ward 5-Democrat
*John Harris

Meridian City Council-Ward 5-Republican
*Bobby R. Smith

(Walter Patton had sought the Ward 5 city council seat as an independent but he was disqualified Apr. 17 by a vote of the Meridian Municipal Election Commission.)

R-Michael Pickens
Terry I. Pruitt
R-David Carr

*Robert A Moore, Jr.

Newton Alderman-Ward 1-Democrat
*Michael Hillie
Katrina Tingle

Newton Alderman-Ward 2-Democrat
*Murray Weems
George Schwaeble
Milo Epping

Newton Alderman-Ward 3-Democrat
*Eric D. McCalphia
Eva L. McDonald

Newton Alderman-Ward 4-Democrat
Ronnie Earl Johnson

Newton Alderman-Ward 5-Democrat
Carolyn Lucas-Moore

Kathy C. Moore
R-Rayburn Waddell
R-James A. Young

Leroy Clemons
*Janice Payne

*Judy Joyner Caverhill

Philadelphia-Alderman-Ward 1-Democrat
*Joe Tullos

Philadelphia-Alderman-Ward 2-Democrat
Allen D. Davis
Roy White

Philadelphia-Alderman-Ward 3-Democrat
Randy Gill
*Ronnie Jenkins

Philadelphia-Alderman-Ward 3-Independent
*Mary D. Griffin

Philadelphia-Alderman-Ward 4-Democrat
Eric Dale Huddleston
R-Bobbie S. Jackson
R-James "Cecil" Nichols
Rudolph Tatum

*Eddie Fulton

Quitman-Ward 1-Democrat
*Joe Brooks

Quitman-Ward 2-Democrat
Kimberly R. Adams
*Betty Foley Thomas

Quitman-Ward 2-Independent
*Jimmy G. Ivy, Sr.

Quitman-Ward 3-Independent
*Harvey Underwood

Quitman-Ward 4-Independent
*James H. Buchanan

Quitman-At-Large Ward
*Drew Lavon Wade

Scooba-Mayor-Independent (Election June 2)
Allen Beaty
Stacey Deans

Scooba Board of Aldermen-Ward 1-Independent
Maxine Puckett

Scooba Board of Aldermen-Ward 2-Independent
Kenneth Sparks

Scooba Board of Aldermen-Ward 3-Independent
Jane Marie Williams
Latitia Nave Grant

Scooba Board of Aldermen-Ward 4-Independent
Chris Collins

Scooba Board of Aldermen-Ward 5-Independent
Bobby Sciple

Clyde Brown
Charles Williams

Shubuta Board of Aldermen (at large-5 to be elected)
Kathy A. Carter
Richard Terrell Carter
Robin Jones
Jeanie "Rann Smith" McDonald
Charles McFarland
Mary Helen McFarland
Lester "Buddy" Puckett

Shubuta Democratic Executive Committee (5 to be elected)
Amy McCarty
Thomas McDonald
Annie J. Powe
Gail Eva Powe
Mary C. Williams

Jackie McHenry
Scotty Allen

Stonewall Board of Aldermen-Republican (June 2 Election)
Jerry Rich
Jo Dearman
Carol Long Ford
Brad Cook

Stonewall Board of Aldermen-Democrat (5 advance to June 2 Election
Ricky Carpenter 55
Lucille Rasco 62
Willie Maude Gilbert 61
Lee E. Scott 63
Cleo Howard 73
Laron Pugh 60

Jack Nelson, Jr.
*Wayne Welch

*John C. Knoop

Union-Board of Aldermen-Ward 1-Democrat
*Paul Lowery

Union-Board of Aldermen-Ward 2-Democrat
*Rex Germany

Union-Board of Aldermen-Ward 3-Democrat
*Billy McCune

Union-Board of Aldermen-Ward 4-Democrat
*Harvey Hickman
Robert Ward

Union-Board of Aldermen-Ward 5-Democrat
Rudy Adkins
*Stanley Walker

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