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Decatur Christmas Parade

Date(s): 12/5/2014


Decatur, Mississippi
The Annual, evening Christmas Parade
Decatur Town Hall [601] 635-2761

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Shubuta Annual Christmas Parade

Date(s): 12/7/2014


Shubuta, MS
Shubuta Annual Christmas Parade

To: All Churches, Civic Organizations and Businesses

On Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 1:00pm, The Town of Shubuta

Solicits Your Participation In Our Christmas Parade. We Will Begin

Lining Up At The MS. Laminators at 12:30pm.

Your Involvement Will Be Greatly Appreciated.

ALL 4-Wheels Are Invited To Join In The Parade!!!!

Hope To See You At The Parade!

Contact City Hall For Any Questions.

(601) 687-1536

There Will Be Refreshments After The Parade.

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Scooba Christmas Parade 2014

Line-Up at 4:30 pm ... Parade at 5:30 pm

Town of Scooba
Scooba Christmas Parade ...
Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 2014
Theme ... "Christmas in Scooba"
Line up at 4:30 pm
Parade is at 5:30 pm

Criteria for Judging ...
1. Nane of Organization must be on both sides of the float
2. No LIVE Santa Clause
3. No candy can be thrown from floats OR vehicles


Prizes ...
1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $ 50
3rd Place - $25
Mayor's - Award Trophy

(601) 562-2852
(601) 743-5060

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Gilbertown Christmas Parade


Gilbertown, AL
Christmas Parade
Virginia Loftis

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Homecoming Parade


Marengo Academy

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