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Mayor Cheri Barry statement regarding crime

Nov 15, 2012 - Nov 20, 2012 N/A

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Mayor Cheri Barry statement regarding crime
Law enforcement and citizens must work together

This is an urgent time that calls for decisive action.

Citizens deserve strong leadership from public officials entrusted with public safety.

We have dedicated police officers who patrol our community constantly with one mission--to protect and serve.

We ask that citizens please work with the Meridian Police Department and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department to stop crime and make our city safer.

Law enforcement professionals and our community must join together and work as one team. We encourage citizens to report crime as it happens. The sooner crime is reported, the better the opportunity MPD and LCSD has to solve it.

We cannot go into details about police procedure, but citizens should expect to see an increased police presence throughout Meridian. The leadership of MPD and LCSD are using every resource available to combat crime.

The most positive way citizens can help is to report crime as soon as they know about it. The link below provides contact information for our MPD administrative staff.

We must not tolerate crime in our community. We must stand together as law enforcement and citizens to protect our city.

Police Department Administration

Office of the Mayor
601 23rd Avenue
Meridian, MS 39302
(601) 485-1927