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Dec 6, 2012 - Dec 10, 2012 N/A

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City of Meridian to save taxpayers $1 Million
through bond refinancing

The City of Meridian refinanced existing bonds for a water and sewer system project. The refinancing will save taxpayers approximately $1 million over 14 years by reducing our cost on the bond's interest. This is similar to refinancing a house note to lower the overall cost of a home.

City of Meridian awards $3.2 million paving project

The City of Meridian has awarded our street paving project to APAC Mississippi Inc. The bid came in at $3.2 million. The City's bond for the project is $4.5 million. If the current paving project comes in on budget, we will have approximately $1 million to bid a second paving project.

City of Meridian moves forward with
pedestrian enhancement project

The City of Meridian passed an order to approve its $1.2 million pedestrian enhancement project. The majority of the project will be funded by the $1 million MDOT TEP the City received in October 2012. The project requires a $200,000 municipal match.

Mayor Cheri Barry applied for the TEP grant specifically for streetscape and pedestrian improvements in Meridian's African American Business District. The area of the project includes 5th Street between 23rd & 26th Avenues including one block both north & south along 25th Avenue.

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