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City of Meridian 2012 in Review
Bi-partisan government putting citizens first

2012 was a year of progress in Meridian.

We closed the financials for the Meridian Law Enforcement Center and the project is scheduled for a spring completion.

Construction of Meridian Fire Station No. 9 in the Briarwood/Eagle Pointe area is on schedule and in budget.

We received a $1 million MDOT grant for streetscape improvements in our African American Business District.

Highland Park saw improvements with the duck pond, fencing and lighting.

We received a $75,000 grant from the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security for First Responder training.

Three areas of Meridian received new streetlights-Briarwood Estates, Sweet Gum Bottom Road, and Old Country Club East.

We received a $2.7 million grant for repairs to the storm drainage system around our MSU downtown campus.

The Mayor's Office held a series of town hall meetings at City Hall and other areas in Meridian to improve communication between citizens and public officials.

We committed approximately $6.75 million to paving and sidewalk projects.

When we needed it most, we were able to amend our budget for $100,000 and get more police on the streets.

Most importantly, we finished getting our financial house in order.

All of these projects, developments and improvements happened because of bi-partisan government making bi-partisan decisions.

We're headed in the right direction and we've got the numbers to prove it.

We no longer face that day of reckoning that looms over many other cities.

Referencing potential city bankruptcies, Business Insider reported-and I quote-"The most challenging period is probably about 2013 to 2015. Literally, there could be hundreds of jurisdictions."

In Meridian, we don't fear the years 2013 to 2015. We welcome them. We embrace them.

With tough decisions and new priorities, and working with the city council every step of the way, we now have the best city financials in the state.

We turned around this city's financials by one simple method-spending better.

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