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Feb 8, 2013 - Feb 12, 2013 N/A

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Meridian Public Works
Project Summary

For government to hold public trust, transparency and accountability are key. Citizens must know that their taxpayer dollars are being used wisely and responsibly.

We have put together a summary of public works projects. It takes a team to keep our infrastructure up and running. The Office of the Mayor and the Meridian City Council would like to thank all of our partners for their support of our community.

City of Meridian Street Paving Project

$4.5 million authorized for paving
Areas of Harris Street & Valley Street were paved this week
Curb ramp work has begun
Curb & gutter work continues along streets designated for paving
Storm Drainage Improvement Project

$2.7 million project
Survey crews with Thompson Engineering are continuing work near and around MSU-Meridian downtown campus
Determining accurate Right-Of-Way prior to engineering and design work
African-American Business District Streetscape Project

$1.2 million project
City council unanimously approved the application and execution of the contract for the project
Council minutes have been sent to MDOT for project activation
Magnolia Middle School Baseball Fields

City of Meridian has partnered with Meridian Public Schools
City will provide electrical utilities, labor, material and equipment to maintain the baseball fields
Safe Routes to Schools

Routes run from T.J. Harris Elementary School & Carver Middle School to Boys & Girls Club
Project review from Engineering Plus has been sent to MDOT
We expect MDOT to set an Office Review meeting within the month

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