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City of Meridian Paving & Sidewalks

The following street segments listed have been paved.

St. Paul Street
31st Ave - North Frontage Road

North Frontage Road
St. Paul Street - State Maintenance

Interchange Road
31st Avenue - 32nd Avenue

Davis Street
29th Avenue - 31st Avenue

Harris Street
29th Avenue - 31st Avenue

Valley Street
29th Avenue - 34th Avenue

"A" Street
22nd Avenue - 26th Avenue

Sidewalk Reconstruction

710 linear feet of curbs and gutters and 135 square yards of sidewalk has been reconstructed at 44 various locations throughout the city with more to come.

New Street Lights Recommended

Public Works has prepared a recommendation for city council approval for 21 additional street lights at various locations throughout the city.

Office of the Mayor
601 23rd Avenue
Meridian, MS 39302
(601) 485-1927