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From the Desk of Mayor Cheri Barry

Mar 29, 2013 - Apr 2, 2013 N/A

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The Mayor's Youth Leadership Council has been very active this school year. Earlier this month they traveled to the University of Southern Mississippi to attend the Mississippi Municipal League's Statewide Youth Leadership Summit. This event brought our state's youth together for a day of brainstorming, networking, and empowerment.

The Mayor's Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) has officers designed to parallel the officers of a city government. The officer roster is Mayor Renuka Srivastava, Vice-Mayor Taleiagh Jones, Clerk of Council Griffen Gardner, and Sergeant-at-Arms Laura Creekmore.

In January MYLC hosted the highly successful Teen Summit on Crime, which was moderated by Raven Roberts and Chris Cross of Meridian High School. For nearly three hours the youth of Meridian engaged local law enforcement, city and county officials, and community mentors.

During the Teen Summit on Crime, MYLC Mayor Renuka Srivastava said that the community would soon see more of the youth council at upcoming events. MYLC members are currently preparing take part in Relay for Life and the Threefoot Festival.

City and county students must complete a six-week leadership course provided through the Office of the Mayor to serve on the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council. Students are primarily recruited through school forums. Course sessions are structured by age groups: ages 7-12 & ages 13-18. We will hold the next course at Meridian City Hall in fall 2013.

I want to thank the members of the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council for all that they do to help make Meridian a home for our generation and theirs.

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