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City of Meridian passed $1.2 million bond ...

May 1, 2013 - May 7, 2013 See Schedule

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City of Meridian passed $1.2 million bond
for water treatment improvements

The City of Meridian approved a $1.2 million bond to address freshwater and wastewater issues. These infrastructure improvements are the kind of forward thinking that is necessary for economic development and high quality of life for the citizens of Meridian. Thank you to the Meridian City Council for your partnership in this project.

$600,000 - Filter and valve repairs at the B Street freshwater plant. Filter and valve repairs are routine maintenance issues that had not be addressed over the years. This work will help ensure that our freshwater system will provide a good product for years to come.
$350,000 - Emergency generator for the North Meridian Freshwater Plant. An emergency generator is a needed addition to the North Meridian Freshwater Plant. This plant has the ability to produce water for the entire city if needed, and will keep the plant running at capacity during times of extended power outages such as hurricanes and ice storms. This emergency power will pay dividends during times of crisis.
$250,000 - Rerouting of wastewater from Marion to the East Meridian Wastewater Treatment Plant. Currently, wastewater from Marion and parts of north Meridian is treated at the main wastewater plant near the airport. This reroute will ease the amount of wastewater treated at the main plant and utilize the east plant that has unused capacity.

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