Local lawmakers share their views on the vote to change the state flag

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 11:24 PM CDT
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Soon Mississippians will vote on a new design for the state flag.

Up until the vote to retire the flag, the Magnolia State was the last state in the country whose flag included a confederate emblem. Citizens and lawmakers have been reacting to the news since Sunday’s vote was announced.

Representative of the 45th District Michael Ted Evans, who switched from the Democratic party to an Independent earlier this year, said he voted for the removal of the flag, said he’s gotten positive feedback so far.

“Folks have said we’ve been fighting this for years, a lot of businesses won’t come to our district because of this flag. No courthouse, none of the cities are flying the flag. Let’s just get us a flag everyone can fly. Let’s move forward. I have had some negative comments. There’s no doubt about it because people are passionate about this issue, but most of the comments coming from my district have been positive,” said Evans.

Evans said he voted for the removal of the flag, because it’s time for Mississippi to move forward together.

“It’s divided our state for many years and I’m just ready to move forward. Let’s have one Mississippi. Let’s come together and try to make things better in Mississippi. That’s why I voted to take the flag down. I stand by that vote and I hope we can come together now as one state and let’s move forward,” said Evans.

Senator Jenifer Branning, who voted no, was not available for an interview but in a statement to Newscenter 11, she said in part, “I fought hard to protect the rights of Mississippians to vote on the flag issue as promised. My objection was to the procedure of the vote in taking away the people’s vote. Even though the vote to decommission the current flag prevailed, I am still proud to be a Mississippian and look forward to continue working with my colleagues for a better Mississippi.”

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