Today we saw more rain, and we will continue to see scattered showers for the rest of the week.

The rest of the week holds warm temperatures and high chances of precipitation.
The rest of the week holds warm temperatures and high chances of precipitation.(WTOK)
Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 3:55 PM CDT
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Tonight for dinner you might want to hang out inside or sit inside at your favorite local restaurant. Right now we are seeing temperatures in the lower 80′s, but 6 PM we will warm into the mid 80′s, and by 7 PM we will be back down in the lower 80′s. We are seeing a 40% chance of showers this evening so if you do go outside grab your rain jacket and umbrella. Using the E-M-E-P-A live radar we can still see storms moving into our area and bringing rain and lightening.

By 11 PM these storms will be moving out of the area and we are left with a thing layer of clouds. We will be in the mid 70′s across the area. Overnight some more showers will move in and we will stay in the mid to lower 70′s. By the mid morning these showers will clear out, but come right back by noon. We will be in the mid to upper 80′s and the showers will be more scattered. By tomorrow evening we will continue to see scattered showers with temperatures in the upper 80′s and lower 90′s. These temperatures already seem warm, but with rain the humidity will be higher and it will feel like its above 100 degrees. By the time you are going to bed tomorrow night we will see some more showers, but they will be more on the out skirts of our area.

Your fireworks forecast sponsored by Tate’s Fireworks lets us know we will be partly cloudy tonight with a few lingering showers, but you could still have time to shoot off some fireworks with friends and family. Our temperatures will also be in the mid 70′s.

This weekend if you are planning on taking a vacation to the beach for Independence Day or for a weekend getaway, Friday you could be seeing showers in the morning, dry in the afternoon, and showers once again in the evening. By Saturday you will stay dry until the late afternoon when showers could be moving in. By Sunday showers will be more widespread and last most of the day. Tomorrow in our area we will see temperatures in the mid 70′s with rain in the morning. By noon temperatures will be in the upper 80′s and showers will start creeping in by the afternoon and stick around through the evening. I would go ahead and download the WTOK weather app to stay updated on rain and also to look at the radar as more rain moves into our area.

Tomorrow we are seeing a 50% chance of showers through the day, by Independence Day we could be seeing showers in the afternoon but they will be scattered, and Sunday we will see more rain move in. For the rest of the week and next week we are seeing chances of rain which will increase how it feels outside. Our temperatures are in the low 90′s and upper 80′s, but most days it will feel more like 100 due to the humidity. Overnight we will get a little bit of relief as we see the lower 70′s.

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