Winston Co. EMA Director emphasizes dangers of flooding

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 9:41 PM CDT
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Severe thunderstorms and flooding have caused issues throughout parts of East Mississippi.

Winston County has been hit by two days of hard rain so far, causing flooding in the city and residential areas. Emergency Management Director Buddy King said flooding got so bad last night that an emergency water rescue had to be made when a home was flooded.

King said in that case, the flooding is a recurring issue caused by blockage of area culverts. King emphasized the danger of flooding.

“Last night in particular, one of our firemen, as he was clearing the culvert was actually sucked in by the water and actually traveled through the culvert and fortunately came out breathing on the other side. We’ve had several places throughout the county where we have had water over the roads. Of course we try to tell people turn around don’t drown. We monitor those and provide blockage or barricades of those areas to prevent usage, where we get water over roads,” said King.

King said heavy rain in a short amount of time is part of the problem.

“Yesterday we had another flash flood event. We had a couple here. This spring has been extraordinary in the amount of water coming in the form of rain. And realistic it’s heavy rain in short duration. So that does put a strain on the drainage systems,” said King.

With more rain in the forecast, King urged all residents to be as safe as possible when out on the roads.

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