Hot temperatures will continue for the rest of the weekend

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 4:52 PM CDT
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The heat has been turned up today as we have had some of the hottest temperatures yet this year and it has felt more like the 100′s all day long. If you decide to grill out tonight or eat dinner on the patio, we are seeing temperatures in the lower 90′s now. By 7 PM we will be in the upper 80′s and the lower 80′s by 8 PM.

Using the EMEPA live radar we aren’t seeing rain in our area but there is some to the south. Tomorrow we could see a few stray showers come through, but they most likely won’t cool us off, but we will see more humidity. Tonight by 11 PM we will see temperatures in the upper 70′s and lower 80′s so it will be a very warm night. Overnight we can see a few showers come into our area and by morning we will see temperatures in the lower 70′s. We will heat back up to the upper 80′s and lower 90′s by noon and we could still see a lingering shower. Through the afternoon showers will still hang around making it feel sticky outside and we will see stay in the upper 80′s and lower 90′s due to the rain coming through. By 11 PM tomorrow night we will be dry once again and see temperatures in the upper 70′s. These hot temperatures aren’t going anywhere as we stay above average from the 16th to the 20th.

Our average high is 92 but it will continue to feel more like the upper 90′s and lower 100′s. From the 18th to the 24th we will see the heat moving up just a bit more but we will still be above average. With temperatures above average you will need to watch the UV as well. Tomorrow we will see a UV level of 10 which is very high. You can burn within 15 minutes and heat exhaustion is a few factor for right now. When you go outside limit your time and make sure to have a shady spot that is cooler to rest. Today we had temperatures in the mid 90′s which is pretty normal for right now. It did feel more like the record however.

Tomorrow we are seeing a 40% chance of showers through the day but these will be isolated and keep our temperatures a few degrees cooler. The rest of the week we see a small chance of afternoon showers but it will be mostly sunny almost every day. The temperatures seem pretty warm in the mid 90′s, but it will feel much hotter and closer to the 100′s. Overnight we will be cooler in the mid 70′s.

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