‘They lied to us;’ Group calls for vote on retired state flag

Residents gathered in Jackson to protest for the retired state flag.
Residents gathered in Jackson to protest for the retired state flag.(WLBT)
Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 4:57 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - “They lied to us. It ain’t about the flag. It’s about the way they did it. It’s wrong. They need to correct it,” said Derrall Foster, a supporter of the 1894 Mississippi flag.

People from all over Mississippi gathered on the steps of the State Capitol Saturday. They say lawmakers were wrong to retire the state flag.

“We had ancestors that died for this flag. They fought for this flag. We are not about to give it up. The least they could do: the House of Representatives, Gunn, the senators, Hoseman, and Governor Tate Reeves give us a chance to vote on this flag or another state flag if they are not scared,” said Vickie Holmes.

The group supports the campaign “Let Mississippi Vote.” They are trying to get 5,000 volunteers to go door to door to collect signatures, hoping to create a referendum.

Holly Scanlon said, “We need to collect signatures and then we want to put it back on the ballot for the people to vote. It’s not an issue of if we keep the flag or not. It’s an issue of the people’s vote. If we surrender our voice to the government, we enslave ourselves.”

Holmes said, “The legislators, the Senate, House of Representatives and governor suspended the rules so that we would not have a vote. The reason why they did that was because they know that we will vote for that flag again.”

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