Black Lives Matter protester clashed with counter-protester in Clarke County

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 10:51 PM CDT
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QUITMAN, Miss. (WTOK) -A peace rally nearly took an ugly turn in Quitman Saturday night when a protester marching with a group fighting for racial justice and equality clashed with a counter-protester.

Armed protesters were at the front of the line when the march began at Sumrall Park. Organizers said it was a safety measure to protect the protestors. The group marched their way to the county’ courthouse chanting “get your knee off my neck” and “no justice, no peace.” At the courthouse, a large crowd of people gathered to participate, but moments later, the situation became tense. An altercation broke out between a protester and a counter-protester. Sheriff’s deputies separated the men and quickly defused the situation.

“They want to try to let one of the counter-protester to speak. He started speaking towards my child and other people started being abrupt. I stood in front of him and told him that he was not going to talk to my child like that. I’m not out here to make racism feel comfortable. They can stand there all they want, but they are going to know how I truly feel about them,” said protester Dennis Harris.

“One individual here confronted a person in the protest. We immediately stepped in and took care of the problem. I don’t know what it was about they were talking back-and-forth to each other. We took care of that problem and everything went well here. We had no problems,” said Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp.

No one was arrested in the incident. Organizers said there will be another march on July 18 in Laurel, Mississippi. The lineup will start at 9 am at the JCPenney parking lot.

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