County Road 11 - I Stand for This Country Part 1

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 2:21 PM CDT
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It’s been a very trying time in the United States over the last few months as racism as come front and center. But two country singer/song writers, one black and one white, have forged an unlikely bond, and are trying to do their best to help ease some of the racial tension, with the release of a brand new song.

Jacky Jack White and Carl Ray made their unlikely musical connection about 20 years ago. Jacky had been asked by a couple of Nashville friends to write a song about B-grade western movies and Carl, a native Texan, was looking for a country and western song to record. The result, a song entitled “One More Sunset.”

“And so I got the recording back and I just thought it was fantastic,” said White. “I said you got to send that guy down here and let him do the Sucarnochee Review so Carl did come down here. "

“Jack called me and congratulated me on the record and said you did a great job,” said Ray. “I thanked him for it and thanked him for writing the song. He invited me to come down and perform on the Sucarnochee Review.”

And now, the two friends have teamed up again on a song that is much deeper. It’s called “I Stand with this Country”. Carl started writing it shortly after the death of George Floyd, which has set months of nationwide protests. He ask his old friend Jacky Jack to lend a helping hand, and the result is a powerful collaboration

“And Carl like many, many, many black people was very, very upset and I think it was a pinned up rage,” says White. “And I think down deep there were others. That’s my opinion that there were other concerns like boom that kind of like knocked off the cover.”

“One thing I can do is try to bring peace and I can use the gift the God gave me, the gift of music and song writing to possibly and hopefully bring peace to people who might hear my music,” according to Carl. " I don’t care if it’s one person or two people. If it can impact one or two or you can change their thinking or their heart, it’s good to go.”

Coming up next week in part two of this special series, you’ll hear what inspired the song, a performance from Carl Ray and what possible effect the song might have on an ailing and divided country.

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