We could see a few showers tomorrow, but the start of next week holds blue skies and sunny conditions.

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 4:01 PM CDT
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Today we have had a few isolated showers come through the area but Hurricane Isaias is causing problems on the East coast. Isaias has moved through the Atlantic and has gotten closer and closer to the East side of Florida. Currently we are seeing a few warnings to the East of Florida which includes a Hurricane warning that won’t expire until tomorrow at 2 PM.

Right now Hurricane Isaias has sustained winds of 75 miles per hour, and is continuing to move 12 miles per hour Northwest. By 8 PM it will have sustained winds going 80 miles per hour and this will continue until tomorrow night at 8 PM. It is slowly moving up the East coast and will make landfall later tonight or tomorrow. Once it makes landfall it is predicted to continue up the East coast until Wednesday morning.

Taking a look back in our area using the E-M-E-P-A live radar we aren’t seeing any rain in our area anymore, but the story could be different tomorrow. As your going to bed tonight we will be in the mid to upper 70′s with a few stray showers coming around. Overnight we could see another splash and dash shower but we will only being seeing clouds tomorrow morning and temperatures in the upper 60′s and lower 70′s. By noon we can see scattered showers coming through the area and we will be in the mid 80′s. By evening more showers will come into the area and the rain will be cooling off some areas so we could see temperatures from the upper 70′s to the upper 80′s. By the time you are going to bed tomorrow night we will be in the mid 70′s and very light cloud cover.

Tomorrow as you are planning your day we will start in the mid 70′s and reach the mid 80′s by noon. It will be a few degrees cooler than yesterday because of the showers coming through tomorrow. By the afternoon showers will be more dominant and we will be in the upper 80′s. Tomorrow we are seeing a 40% chance of isolated showers but the rest of the week will be sunny and dry. By Monday we will be in the lower 90′s and our chance of rain goes away almost all week. We could still be seeing a few isolated showers in the afternoon but we will have mostly sunny conditions with temperatures in the upper 80′s and lower 90′s. Overnight we will see the upper 60′s and lower 70′s.

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