First Responders: Flight Paramedic Garrett Lide

Published: Aug. 9, 2020 at 8:17 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - We first introduced you to Garrett Lide in November of 2016. At the time he was a paramedic with Metro Ambulance.

“I eventually want to get my critical care license and work on the helicopter. Critical care transport, air, ground, something like that,” Lide told us in 2016.

That foresight became a reality in February of 2020. Lide is now a Critical Care Flight Paramedic with PHI Air Medical.

“When I was a little kid I said this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a paramedic and I’d love to work on a helicopter. That’s what I started from when I was a kid,” Lide explains.

Since we last talked with Lide, he was a paramedic in Neshoba County for a year before going to Dover, Delaware for another year. He kept up his education and training.

“That’s what I set my goal to before there was a job available. I got my FP-C (Flight Paramedic Certification) in hopes of when a job came open I’d already have it,”

Lide has been in the medical field since 2014. He went to Northeast High School before enrolling in emergency medicine at Meridian Community College. In addition to his role on the helicopter, he’s a part time paramedic instructor.

There are differences between working on an ambulance on the streets and working in the sky. In an ambulance there are a lot more transports and less severe calls. With PHI it’s almost the exact opposite. Just about every time they take off, critical care will be needed.

“We can do anything an ambulance can do and a lot more high acuity procedures. We can do surgical procedures that don’t fit into the protocol of a ground ambulance. We can carry triple the drugs and blood products,” Lide says.

So what’s the future hold for Lide?

“I’m actually getting lined up to get my prereqs. I’m going to get my bachelor’s in nursing. I’m getting all that lined up and hopefully start classes soon so I can be dual certified,” Lide says.

Lide is happy to be in Meridian doing what he’s doing.

“We are very excited and privileged. Everyone is happy to be here and run calls to serve this community. I know I am especially,” Lide says.

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