We will see rain all week due to Tropical Storm Sally.

Published: Sep. 13, 2020 at 6:46 PM CDT
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Locally we could be seeing Tropical Storm Sally could create an environment conducive for spin up tornadoes, tropical storm force wind gust, and heavy rain.

Sally has sustained winds moving 60 miles per hour and will continue to gain speed as it progresses through the Gulf of Mexico. My Monday afternoon this will be a category one hurricane with sustained winds moving 80 miles per hour. By the time this system makes landfall near metro New Orleans on Tuesday it could have sustained winds moving 90 miles per hour. As it moves inland it will gain speed quickly. It will turn toward the northeast and make its way towards Jackson until turning more eastward toward Meridian. By Thursday afternoon we could be seeing this system going into west Alabama and having sustained winds still moving 30 miles per hour.

We can tell that Sally is gaining strength by how much more defined the center is looking. It is becoming more well organized and will become a category one hurricane by Monday. Every day we have gotten higher totals for storm surge which will affect the Louisiana coast most, but we will still see a range from one foot to greater than nine feet of storm surge on the Mississippi and Alabama coast. The storm surge will be the highest at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

In our area we will be seeing a lot of rain which could lead to flash flooding and power outages due to trees falling. Rain will range anywhere from an inch and a half to up to 9 inches. Currently using the EMEPA live radar we are seeing a few showers, but this will become more widespread tomorrow and into Tuesday. Tonight, we are remaining pretty clear, but temperatures are in the upper 70′s and lower 80′s. Temperatures will be in the mid 70′s tomorrow morning and by noon we will be in the mid to upper 80′s. Through the afternoon more showers will pop up and temperatures will be in the upper 80′s to lower 90′s tomorrow evening. By the time you are going to bed temperatures will be in the upper 70′s and lower 80′s and it will be very humid outside.

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