UWA launches “Skills on Wheels” mobile training unit

The units will help West Alabama rural industry business train employees
Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 3:19 PM CDT
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The University of West Alabama is meeting the workforce at work with the help of two new Skills on Wheels mobile training units. The first two of their kind, the units were unveiled on campus Wednesday during a virtual launch. But their stop on campus is only for a quick look. The units will be traveling beginning this month to Aliceville Pellets for the plant’s training needs, and to Butler, Alabama, for a collaboration with Coastal Alabama Community College and Southwest Alabama Works.

Skills on Wheels units will play a leading role in UWA’s LINCS (Leveraging Interconnected Networks for Change & Sustainability) initiative, which is funded through support from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Delta Regional Authority.

“The larger point I want to make here is our University recognizes we are a regional University in a rural area,” said Ken Tucker, UWA President. “We’ve intentionally tried to focus on rural development.”

“At the end of what we do at D.R.A. is all centered around economic development," said Chris Caldwell of the Delta Regional Authority. "And the heart of that is workforce development and the work program that you received this two and a half million dollar grant over.”

These units will be available to rural west Alabama industry employers to help train new employees or up-skill existing employees. They will support a slate of training needs, with technology and innovation guided by a list of industry, education, and workforce development partners.

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