Locals push for roads to be repaved

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 4:34 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Your commute to work could get a little easier. The city of Meridian will spend millions to improve area roads.

Large potholes and bumpy roads in Meridian could put a big hole in drivers' pockets if it’s not avoided.

“I hit potholes that I didn’t see. When I hit them, it’s like a big bump. What did I miss up on my car?” said Meridian Resident Leslie Payne.

There’s no question many roads across the queen city are in horrible shape. Tire-destroying potholes, broken asphalt, holes, bumps, and cracks can make driving in Meridian a costly nightmare.

“If you are trying to get from one side of town to the other using backway roads, you’re going to hit a lot of potholes. If you keep hitting them, it is eventually causing damage,” said Payne.

We spoke with many drivers about this issue. One local agreed to do an interview if we did not show her face.

“The city needs to fix these potholes because it’s messing up the tires on cars,” said local.

“Hopefully, they can determine what can be done to get the funding to fix these roads,” said Meridian resident Stanley Wright.

Mayor Percy Bland said there is some relief on the way.

“We had moved forward with a $12,000,000 budget for pavement. We are going to be working with some large contractors to do some paving on larger streets. We’re trying to work something out to the majority of 8th street paved. If we get that down, it will be a big deal,” said Mayor Percy Bland.

The mayor then went on to point that several roads have already been repaved and rebuilt.

“5th street from 10th avenue to 11th avenue. 59th avenue from 1st street to 5th street. 4th street from 58th avenue to 59, said Bland.”

And the list goes on.

“When I encounter a street that might need some work, I’m comfortable it will be fixed. As hard the city is working on the streets somewhere else, I know they will tackle other roads soon,” said local Earl Logan.

Mayor bland said $12,000,000 government funded bond issue will be spread out over 20 years.

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