10-year-old becomes police officer

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 5:03 PM CDT
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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - LaDarius Spivey has always wanted to be a police officer and on Wednesday he became one.

“One day he told me, ‘Momma, I want to be the police,’ I said ‘what?’, and he said ‘Momma I want to be the police,’ and I said ‘okay’” Patricia Ickom said.

Spivey was given his own badge, uniform and identification. Numerous law enforcement officers also helped celebrate his 10th birthday.

LaDarius Spivey was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a brittle bone disease that impacts his ability to walk.

“He’s never walked a day in his life. He’s had 10 surgeries and we just had one in May,” Ickom said.

Spivey says he wanted to become a police officer because he wants to get rid of criminals.

“I saw some bad people taken to jail. I want to stop bad guys,” Spivey said.

Spivey makes the best of every day. His family says he wakes up loving the world without a single complaint.

“In the morning he says, ‘Papa, I love you’. Every morning he says that when he gets up. That lets me know that it’s all about him. As long as he’s feeling good, then we’re good,” Grandfather Johnny Ickom said.

The special day was more than a year in the making. Spivey met Marion Police Chief Randall Davis at a high school football game.

“Sometimes being in law enforcement, people think badly of law enforcement. Today we met a young man whose heart really is in law enforcement,” Davis said. “This young man has inspired me every day to do my job. At first I was feeling sorry for him, but this young man has a big heart.”

Although Spivey isn’t able to walk, that doesn’t stop him from doing it all.

“If we go outside he wants to go out. If we go out there to clean cars up, ‘Papa, give me a rag I want to clean cars up.’ nothing stops him,” Johnny Ickom said.

Spivey’s special day didn’t end with a boring car ride home. It was a full police escort from Marion Police Department down Dale Drive and toward Highway 45.

Just like a presidential motorcade it protected someone very special. Someone that wants to stop the bad guys and spread his love to the world.

“I love everybody,” Spivey said.

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