First Responders: Officer LaDarius Spivey

Published: Oct. 18, 2020 at 8:44 PM CDT
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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - Our latest First Responder is a very special one. His name is LaDarius Spivey and he’s only 10-years-old. He started his journey to become a police officer through determination.

“I have an Amazon account that’s hooked to my phone. He went on my phone and ordered this uniform. He said, ‘momma, I ordered me a uniform,’ I said, ‘you did what?’ I knew then that this is really what he wants to do,” Patricia Ickom said.

Spivey was officially sworn in by a judge and now he’s ready to hit the streets on patrol. He said he’s ready to fight crime.

“I want to stop some bad guys, put them in the car and take them to jail and put them in handcuffs,” LaDarius Spivey, 10, said.

It all began more than a year ago when Spivey first met Marion Police Chief Randall Davis at a high school football game. Davis talked with him and gave him some stickers and Spivey never forgot it.

“It was just a blessing of God that we got to meet. This young man has inspired me to get up every day and do this job,” Marion Police Chief Randall Davis explained.

Spivey was born with a disease that impacts his ability to walk. Spivey is confined to a wheelchair and has undergone 10 surgeries. His family said he never complains about life.

“I can get up and do what I need to do every day for myself and I complain. He can’t, but he has a smile on his face and never complains. I look at him and wonder why I’m complaining,” Ickom said.

His family has put their faith in God that one day it might be possible for Spivey to overcome some of his disabilities.

“If we keep doing what we’re doing and praising God everyday like we’re supposed to, then sooner or later something is going to come through,” Grandfather Johnny Ickom said. “That’s the way we look at it, sooner or later something is going to come through.”

Although the disease that inflicts Spivey, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, contains the word “imperfect”, Spivey is just the opposite. He is full of energy, ambition and he is perfect.

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