Wind gust will keep east Mississippi and west Alabama colder tomorrow.

Published: Nov. 29, 2020 at 5:44 PM CST
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We are going to have a roller coaster of events weather wise this week. We had plenty of rain today and tomorrow is going to be very breezy with gust reaching 25 mph. These wind gusts are coming from the north so the wind chill will make it feel like the upper 30′s. By Tuesday morning we are going to have temperatures in the 30′s which will cause a hard freeze so it’s time to bring your plants and pets inside to prepare. We will stay cold for the rest of the week as temperatures stay in the mid 50′s for the highs. We will be in the mid 40′s tomorrow morning and only reach the mid 40′s in the afternoon.

The winds coming from the north will make it feel chillier in the upper 30′s and lower 40′s. Tuesday morning rolls around and we will be in the mid 20′ and stay that way for our Wednesday morning as well. High’s will be in the mid to lower 50′s but we will have sunny skies.

As it gets colder and you bring out the space heaters, you must also consider the safety concerns. These heaters need to be plugged directly into the wall, not left unattended, and at least three feet away from other objects. If it’s time to bring the heater out it also means you need to bring your pet and plants in, and even drip your faucets.

We will stay in the cooler temperatures all week long with lows in the mid 20′s to the lower 30′s and highs in the mid to lower 50′s until Friday and into the weekend. We won’t be as cold tomorrow morning, but we will be in the lower 40′s as you head out the door, and the key to this colder weather is layers. Wear things that you can remove and add to as you get to work and leave to go home.

Tomorrow temperatures won’t be changing much as we stay in the lower 40′s and tap out at the mid 40′s in the heat of the day. An overview of this week includes breezy conditions tomorrow, a hard freeze for Tuesday and Wednesday morning, rain returning by Thursday and Friday and sunny skies by the weekend but temperatures remaining in the mid 50′s.

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