MFD’s Rescue 1 is now ready to respond to calls

Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 4:01 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian Fire Department’s new Rescue 1 fire truck is officially in service. The department received the truck about a month ago and has since equipped it with all the new hoses and tools needed.

“We are replacing a 20 year old truck that is tired and worn out,” A-Shift Battalion Chief Joey Hand said.

A new fire truck for the City of Meridian means a more versatile response to emergencies by the Meridian Fire Department.

The New E-One rescue truck has the ability to fight fire with a 500 gallon tank of water; it also has foam and a host of tools for getting people out of a car wreck if they’re trapped.

“We have all of our struts mounted on boards, as well as more extrication tools. We have a battery powered combination tool and we have hydraulic rams that run off power packs,” Hand said.

Senior Firefighter Erik McCurty will be driving the new Rescue 1 during his shift.

“This truck has everything that we need. We have a four man crew that can pretty much handle whatever we need to handle,” McCurty said.

McCurty was on the committee that helped design the truck, something that took a lot of thought. He says it was about looking at the old truck to determine what all was needed. He also says safety was a top priority.

“My favorite thing about this truck is something you can’t really see. It kind of has a racecar frame. With this truck, if we have a rollover or something like that, we have a greater chance of our guys coming home,” McCurty said

The new truck cost $650,000 and is a much needed upgrade from the 20-year-old truck that it replaces.

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