County Road 11: Tour de Priest

Published: Dec. 10, 2020 at 7:32 PM CST
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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WTOK) - You might remember the name Nick Adam. He was a former sportscaster and newscaster here at WTOK but left us and the broadcast business about eight and a half years ago for a much higher calling.

Nick Adam is now a Catholic priest. He gave up what was a promising broadcast career in August of 2012 and is now a full-time vocation director for the Catholic diocese of Jackson, traveling the state of Mississippi looking for young men who feel the call to priesthood.

“When I was still working in Meridian, I really felt it was important to me to find my faith again. I went to one of the catholic churches in town and really from that day forward it was just kind of a moment of inspiration and great peace and joy with my relationship with God,” said Nick Adam.

Recruiting priests during the middle of a pandemic can be rather challenging and that’s when Father Nick came up with an idea. He had been riding a bike along the Natchez Trace in Jackson and parlayed that into getting his message out.

“Why not just do a crazy bike ride? That way we’ll just get some attention that will build our social media presence and kind of target the audience that I’m looking at. I would love to get my face and this message of God’s possible call to the priesthood everywhere I can and so I called it the Tour de Priest.”

So without really any formal training, Father Nick set out to raise awareness and money for his mission and rode his bicycle from Tupelo to Natchez this past July in the blistering Mississippi heat and humidity. 270 miles. But he says it was all worth the effort.

“I want to find priests that are from Mississippi to serve Mississippi. We have a lot of missionaries that are wonderful. But to honor their sacrifices, we’ve got to start bringing forth young men from our community so that’s kind of my mantra and that’s the vision I want to put forth in all of this.”

Nick Adam: Newscenter 11 to Father Nick. A journey that’s just getting started and it’s possible the Tour de Priest coming to a city near you.

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