City of Meridian flies new state flag

Mississippi's new state flag was raised Monday at Meridian City Hall
Mississippi's new state flag was raised Monday at Meridian City Hall(WTOK)
Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 3:44 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The city of Meridian held a flag-raising ceremony for the new Mississippi state flag at Meridian City Hall Monday.

“After a long time of us being on the wrong side of history, that flag has been bad to a lot of people in the state of Mississippi,” said Mayor Percy Bland, referring to the now retired 1894 flag with the Confederate emblem in the upper left corner. “We are glad that we can move forward with a flag that is symbolic of something we can stand behind and be proud of.”

Many gathered on the roof of city hall to watch the Meridian Fire Department raise the new flag, now known as the ‘In God We Trust’ flag with the state flower in the middle, to fly here in the Queen City.

“Symbols are important. Flags are important. And words are important. It is a good day that you can have the chance to raise a new flag and a new symbol for hope. It represents equality and pride for everyone,” said Bland.

The mayor also acknowledged that it was a struggle for the state to come to this point in changing history.

“We hate that so many things had to happen last year in the United States just to get to this point. Sometimes it takes all those things for progress to be made. We are glad about what today means to all of us across the state of Mississippi,” said Bland.

Seventy-three percent of Mississippi voters approved the new design in the November election.

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