60 days and still no justice for loss of loved one

Suspect is now suffering from chronic brain damage
Published: Jan. 24, 2021 at 7:05 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A family of a homicide victim is still seeking justice 60 days after losing their loved one.

Newscenter 11 received new information on the suspect that took the life of Johnny Rush the day before Thanksgiving.

The suspect Mary Ivey, is out of the ICU but is now suffering from chronic brain damage. Newcenter 11 sat down with the family of the victim about their ongoing pain of the loss of Mr. Rush.

Family and friends of all ages gathered at the home where Johnny spent most of his time. Sharing thoughts and last moments of him.

“He was at my house the night before it happened. So the reason I was asking him to stay was because he loves to eat. I was cooking at the time. He then said he’d be right back. He was going to Marie’s house to go see Mary. “I’ll be right back”,” said Johnny’s sister Lacasha Rush.

Lacasha was in disbelief when she received a call just 3 hours later about Johnny.

“I’ve been sitting at home and thinking about my brother. He didn’t deserve what happened to him,” said Lacasha Rush.

“I got the phone call. It is hard to accept, and it doesn’t seem real,” said Johnny’s nephew Gary Rush.

The mother of the victim, Ruby Rush, said the suspect made comments about the well-being of Rush through social media. Ruby never thought that Ivey would take it that far.

“She did it. My child did not deserve that. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, and I can’t do anything. They said that she is brain dead and is unable to stand trial. We deserve some kind of justice for how my child was taken,” said the mother of the victim, Ruby Rush.

The Meridian Police Department said despite the condition of the suspect, she will still be charged with murder.

“She is in a state where her mental capacity doesn’t grant her the ability to successfully answer questions or defend herself. Because of the circumstances of the evidence that she will be charged. That is not a question. We want to make sure that she’s in a better condition to be able to stand trial successfully,” said Meridian Detective Rochester Anderson.

The family is still very emotional when it comes to Johnny. Special t-shirts were made in honor of him.

Johnny’s oldest sister Pamela Rush said she has to continue her life without her brother walking with her.

“She broke me. This hurt me to the core. He was our everything. I hear John calling me but I can’t help him. I am supposed to be able to protect my brother,” said Johnny’s oldest sister Pamela Rush.

Throughout the tough times, one family friend has been there to offer love to Johnny’s family and said they won’t stop until something is done.

“Watching them go through this day by day crying. We are prepared to go to the state senator’s office with this.” Family friend Catralia Morgan.

The suspect Mary Ivey will be charged with murder for taking the life of Johnny Rush.

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