Southeast Lauderdale keeps the community warm

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 2:12 PM CST
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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Southeast Lauderdale High School has been helping people get through the power outages caused by the recent ice storms. Special education teacher Amber Cooksey said she had heard from some students that they needed warmth, water, and internet.

“So I felt like that was something that needed to be [addressed], something that we could do. That’s what our job here is at Southeast and as educators,” Cooksey said. “So I reached out to Mr. Keene and I said, “what can we do to help our community?”

School staff were honored to have the Willis family donate water bottles.

“Mr. Willis, I guess heard the word and he showed up about 30 minutes later with huge cases of water and just donated these.”

Staff at the school said it was good to see the students who showed up.

“It’s important that the community knows that we’re not just a school and we just don’t teach your children, we are actively involved in everybody’s life,” Cooksey said.

“We pride ourselves on being a family here at Southeast and so each and every one of our kids, and their parents, and their siblings, we are one big family so we like to take care of each other,” said Cameron Burnham, the assistant principal at Southeast Lauderdale High School.

Former Southeast student Nathan Metcalf said the poor internet service at his home due to the winter storms was affecting his classwork at Meridian Community College. Metcalf was thankful that Southeast was open.

“I always need some technical support with my schooling so it’s really important for me to have this open,” Metcalf said.

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