Mayoral candidates: Democrat Randle Jennings

Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 6:18 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Democratic mayoral candidate Randle Jennings said he decided to run for mayor of the city of Meridian because there is a disconnect between government and family.

“I’m concerned about the community. You hear a lot of talk about infrastructure and you hear a lot of talk about business, but I’m concerned about the community,” Jennings said.

Jennings said that if he’s elected, he would be able to reach out to the community and create stability.

“Young brothers are picking up the pistol too fast, the dope too fast; they’re going after the girls too fast. Our girls seem just to be agreeing with them as though this is the trend,” Jennings said. “This is not the trend. It’s a lack of guidance. Whether it comes out of the home, community or church, it’s a lack of guidance. I’m trying to instill what really matters to us as human beings.”

Jennings said too many small businesses have come and gone over the years. He said he believes in teaching young people and giving them a path to follow.

“When the parents see that there’s structure in the community, they don’t allow their child to grow up in any kind of way. It’s probably going to take two terms. The first term is just trying to show everybody what we’re going to do. The second term is to get our communities back involved,” Jennings explained. “Parks and recreation and the school system from 1885 to 1986 were twin sisters. One did the morning part and the other did the afternoon part. In 1986, Meridian’s park and recreation went out of the youth service business. You go out of the youth business, you have a problem on your hands.”

Jennings also talked about some of his approaches to working with the city council. He believes Meridian should transition back into a council-manager form of government instead of mayor-council.

“Communicate with the council about what their roles are. The mayor knows what his role is. A strong mayor can become a hired gun, which means that bribery comes in and corruption comes in,” Jennings said. “The things you don’t need in a small community that makes you a big dog. It’s the haves versus the have nots.”

Jennings said he would like your vote Tuesday.

“I just want you to understand that on Apr. 6 it’s time to make a change. My name is Randle Jennings. I grew up in this neighborhood and I’ll serve you the best I can.”

Five Democrats are competing in the primary to win the nomination and advance to the general election June 8.

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