First Responders: Chief Barry Hucks

Published: Apr. 11, 2021 at 10:15 PM CDT
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Suqualena, Miss. (WTOK) - For 25 years Barry Hucks has been a member of the Suqualena Volunteer Fire Department.

“I came on as a board member after my neighbor asked me to. The chief at the time asked me if I wanted to start helping. I thought about it and agreed, so that’s how I got started,” Hucks said.

Hucks is also certified as an EMR. He became chief a three years ago and is working to ensure Suqualena has the services it needs.

“Over the years I just worked my way up, so here I am today,” Hucks said.

He knows some of the inconveniences that responding to calls anytime of the day and night can bring, but his family has been fully supportive.

“When you get a call, you’re up and gone and may not come back until who knows when. They’ve come to accept it and they’re supportive with it,” Hucks explained.

Dealing with the stresses of the job can be a challenge.

“You just learn how to unwind and how to deal with it. In most situations we come back to the firehouse and debrief with the members that are here,” Hucks said. “If you have a situation that really gets to you, we can talk among ourselves. We also have some help that’s available to us if we need it.”

Hucks takes pride in his department and the community. Helping fellow members get through tough times has become a priority. Through fundraisers and support, the Suqualena Fire Department is there.

“We are out here volunteering. Each department and each community has a need. Anybody can volunteer on no matter what level. They don’t have to be a firefighter. They can come on scene and help pass out water, take out hose or drive a truck,” Hucks said. “I’ll do this as long as I’m able to. As long as I’m able to get on the truck, drive the truck and be in a house fire I’ll do it.”

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