Former WTOK Anchor weighs in on Derek Chauvin verdict

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 10:52 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Former WTOK Anchor Lindsey Brown is now an anchor at KSTP-TV, which is an ABC affiliate that serves Saint Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Brown has been following the case surrounding the death of George Floyd intensely for nearly a year now.

In response to how the community reacted to the guilty verdict of former officer Derek Chauvin, she said it’s shifted completely.

“It’s really fascinating. It went from such a foreboding worry and sadness that really we’ve experienced in the last year since the death of George Floyd and last week with the death of Daunte Wright with both police involved. It’s gone from that doom and gloom sadness and anger to now a true visual relief on the faces of people who are now gathering in multiple locations across Minneapolis and St. Paul. People are just clearly relieved and are very hopeful that this is the beginning of change that they’ve been asking for in our community here for the last five to six years. I’ve been here seen years, and we’ve had multiple police shootings since I’ve worked here and anchored here. This is the first time I’ve really felt a sense of relief in the community,” said Brown.

The death of George Floyd has raised questions about tactics used by law enforcement in Minneapolis and across the country.

Brown said she sees changes being made moving forward.

“There was a great effort by the prosecution, especially in closing arguments, to say this is a case against one officer, not all law enforcement. I think the changes we’re going to see really are going to involve conversations with the community about what policing means in 2021, what policing means after a police-involved shooting and death at this scale. These conversations are going to be more honest, they’re going to be happening more often, and they’re going to be more productive.”

Chauvin will now remain in custody until his sentencing where he could face up to forty years behind bars.

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