Philadelphia homeowners start damage repair

Published: May. 5, 2021 at 2:40 PM CDT
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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Crews in Philadelphia worked tirelessly Wednesday after severe storms ravaged Neshoba County. The damage has caused heartbreak for some homeowners in the county.

Joyce Franklin spent her Wednesday cleaning up what was left from the severe weather Tuesday.

“I heard this big, awful noise and I thought something in the living room had fell or something,” Franklin said.
She says she opened her front door to check the weather and was blown back by the intense wind. Not too long after, Franklin says a tree fell on her house.
“I didn’t know it was as bad on my roof. It had fell in two different places and went through the roof,” Franklin said. “I then called my insurance company. They have been helping me really good.”
Franklin’s home was passed down to her from her mother. She says she wants to repair the damage done so the property can stay in the family.
“I still call it my mom’s house. I still feel like I am just trying to improve her house and I think she would love what I’ve done with the house,” Franklin said.
Ajatha Nichols is still shaken up after a tree slammed into her home, as well.
“Oh, it sounded like a train was coming through my house,” Nichols said. “I was here by myself and I was just scared. I still am. I haven’t had any sleep.”
Nichols’ ceiling collapsed. She says city officials ran to her rescue to remove the tree from her roof.
Both Franklin and Nichols say they are thankful the damage was not worse.
City workers prioritized assessing damaged property and downed power lines Wednesday.
Mayor James Young says no injuries have been reported from the severe weather.

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