UWA opening doors to Judson College students

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 8:20 PM CDT
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LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) - The University of West Alabama is opening its doors to Judson College students. Officials at Judson announced the 183-year-old institution is intending to close by July 31st due to money problems and a decrease in enrollment.

Residence halls will close as scheduled after the May 2021 summer term.

Judson will assist each student in preparing transfer plans, taking into consideration their majors, remaining hours to graduation, and institutional preference.

“I find it heartbreaking for the current students at Judson to find out that their university is closing. I can’t even imagine how they feel or what the thoughts of what they’re going to do next is,” said UWA senior, Christopher Dunn.

UWA is offering Judson students the chance to earn academic and housing scholarships that are renewable for up to 4 years.

“We immediately started meeting internally putting a team together that would reach out to the students and the school itself,” said UWA president, Dr. Ken Tucker. “As a matter of fact, we put together an announcement that was disseminated the next day after we learned of their imminent closure. We know this is a very stressful time for these students and their families, so we wanted to be responsive and reach out as quickly as we could and provide them with some clear options.”

UWA said it wants to help students affected by the closure to continue pursuing their degrees.

“What we’re doing is giving them just basic admissions information, inviting them to campus and then were matching them automatically just right as the emails come in or the phone calls come in with our professors who are then reaching out to them to put together a degree program,” said UWA transfer admissions counselor, Brenda Jones.

The two schools are about 60 miles apart, both nestled in small towns.

“We’re very similar institutions. We serve very similar student populations. We think that they would love becoming part of the UWA family,” said Tucker.

“Judson students can have peace of mind transferring to West Alabama and knowing that this is a great opportunity for them to continue their education here, in our small close-knit community,” said Dunn. “We want them to feel like even though their university is closed that they can come here and find a home away from home and love UWA just as much as they loved Judson.”

Thirteen students have already started the transfer process from Judson College for the fall semester.

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