UPDATE: 1 person facing serious injuries after school bus crashes into home

Updated: May. 15, 2021 at 5:05 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Newscenter 11 has received new information about a bus crashing into a house in Meridian Friday. One person is facing serious injuries after being t-boned by the school bus before it ultimately crashed into the home.

“This whole situation changed our lives,” homeowner, Thomas Coleman.

I caught up with the family that was inside the house when the crash happened.

“Me, my father, and one of my sons we’re sleeping in our rooms. My other son was in the living room watching TV when the bus came through,” said Coleman.

4 people were inside the house on 15th street when a bus driver ran into their living room, according to the family. The homeowner, Thomas Coleman said the crash woke him from his sleep.

“I feel like the house is coming down. I thought a tree fell in with all the tree damage. When I got up, I looked, and I noticed that it was a vehicle tire in the house. The vehicle was also running,” said Coleman.

No one was injured inside the home, but mental damage has been done. Coleman said he is holding the Meridian Public School District responsible.

“None of this is our fault. We were in our house resting and sleeping. We did not ask for this, but this is what we are up against now. I feel like the school Lauderdale County should be solely responsible for this. The mental part of it they could never repair, but I need to be compensated for what happened to our vehicles and house,” said Coleman.

I spoke with the father of the person that t-boned by the bus. He said he was heading to a family member’s graduation when he got a call that his son was involved in an accident.

“My wife got there first. When she got here, the thing was too bad for her to get in. When she called me back to let me know that, I immediately turned around,” said the truck driver’s father, Tracy Tims.

The father, Tracy Tims said his son left the scene with serious injuries.

“He has a concussion, broken ribs, bruised kidneys, internal bleeding, and he’s being held for a few days for off observation before they allow him to go home,” said Tims.

Tims said that he expects the school district to take responsibility for his son’s injuries.

“We are most definitely looking for the Meridian Public school district to handle all his medical expenses. That is first and foremost. His health is most important to us. Second, we want to make sure if there was no mechanical malfunction in the bus, that bus Driver never drives a school bus a day in his life,” said Tims.

We reached out to the school district and they said that the case is still under investigation.

Meridian Police Chief Chris Read said the cause of the accident was that the bus driver ran a stop sign.

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