Concern grows for waste transfer station

Updated: May. 17, 2021 at 10:11 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing in regard to the new proposed location for JWC Environmental’s Waste Transfer Station.

“Its pros and cons. The best thing I like about the transfer station is recycling we’ve struggled with recycling here in Lauderdale county you know that’s going to be a great added benefit for them but were going to have to look at all the information before a decision has been made,” said District 5 supervisor, Kyle Rutledge.

If approved, the station would be built south of the Mississippi Highway Patrol Headquarters off Highway 11-80.

“This particular site is adjacent; it is within walking distance of our community so therefore we would be very incompact, " said Lauderdale County resident, Linda F. Willis.

The company had originally proposed building the station at G.V. Sonny Montgomery industrial park, but Naval Air Station Meridian and other community members opposed the location worried about attracting vultures, even with JWC saying that smell wouldn’t be a concern.

“If it’s that clean why is this a problem for NAS Meridian, why is this a problem for Lockheed martin, why is this a problem for southern pipe, why is this a problem for wholesale distribution,” said Sweet Gum Bottom Rd. resident, Shon Willis.

Many people who live in the new proposed location area say this would have a major impact on their quality of life.

“He mentioned about the doors about it being enclosed but those doors will be open for trucks and other equipment to go in and out. So, it will attract the smell is going to attract vultures that’s why they’re there,” said Will Right Rd. resident, Marilyn Cole.

“We’re already having problems with the rodents, vultures, crows and They roost on our houses and trees and so by having this facility all it’s going to do is just put it right over our property,” said Shon Willis.

They also expressed they were unaware this new location was being considered.

“I am very concerned that the supervisors are not getting the information out and even discussing with the residents about a facility such as this that will be in their back door. It will affect our children it will affect our community and it will affect our property value,” said Cole.

“It was only through word of mouth and everyone in that community had not heard about this second relocation so we feel out of the mix, we did not feel involved as stakeholders,” said F. Willis.

A petition has been started by people who live in that area.

Folks have until May 28th at 5 pm to send in any information or request to the board before they make a decision.

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