Three Marion mayoral candidates prepare for election

Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 5:49 PM CDT
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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - Three candidates are facing off to become the next mayor of Marion.

Lisa Lindley is one of the three candidates running in the Marion mayoral election. Lindley currently serves as Marion’s vice mayor.

Lindley says she wanted to run for the town’s top spot after Elvis Hudson decide not to seek re-election.

“You have to make sure the basic needs of the residents are served first and foremost. Provide good water and sewer service, fire protection, well-staffed police department and make sure your residents have clean/safe water every day of the year,” Lindley said. “We currently, the board and I just applied for another $450,000 CDBG. Which is a Community Development Block Grant to build a new water treatment plant. That will continue to provide good water for our residents. I have a law degree, so I hope to write more grants for different projects to help the town.”

Lindley’s father was the first mayor of Marion, 50 years ago. She says she wants to continue to see success in the incorporated town her father helped build.

“I believe Marion has some great potential. As, mayor I want to see that potential fulfilled.” Lindley said, “My heart is in Marion and it’s been there for 59 years. My motives are genuine. I really want the town to succeed.” Lindley said, “I believe in its residents and the town. I know we can do great things in the future and I want to help with those great things.”

Larry Gill is also running.

Gill wants to create more opportunities for youth. He says the town needs proactive programs that will give young people the tools to be successful.

“I have a new son and I want him to be able to grow up in a community where our youth have resources and opportunities. That is one of the main reasons why I am running,” Gill said. “I feel like we’re lacking in resources for our youth. I feel like we need to figure out some programs for the parents of our youth, as well. It is a lot of youth in our community, and they roam the streets. I have conversations with them everyday and they need something to do. "

Gill says he will also push to bring new businesses to the town if he is elected. “I want to see everything continue to grow here in Marion.” Gill said, “I’m big in business. I want to help strengthen our business community. Not only bring new businesses in but help our businesses that are already here.”

Eric Johnson is the third candidate in the race. Johnson has worked in public safety and is a life-long resident of the area.

“We have to keep everyone in the loop with what’s going on.” Johnson said, “If it is something that is not good for Marion, then it’s something that we all as one will have an opinion on. I am that voice. To make sure we do the right thing for Marion.” Johnson says he will focus on updating public service, the water sewage and bringing community involvement back if he is elected. “I remember when I was a kid how important that was. We’ve kind of got away from that. With me having a young little boy, I want him to be able to experience all the great things I did coming up--growing up in the town of Marion,” Johnson said.

Municipal elections in Mississippi are June 8th.

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