Race for City Hall: Republican Robert Ray

Updated: Jun. 3, 2021 at 4:43 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Republican candidate for mayor of Meridian Robert Ray said he has big ideas and plans if he’s elected.

“By the time I get out of being mayor after four years, they will have all the money they will ever need. There will be more investments,” Robert said.

At a mayoral forum earlier this year, Ray said that Meridian has “the dumbest kids on the planet”. He stands by that statement.

“When I said that Meridian had the dumbest kids on the planet, that is a true statement in the scheme of things,” Ray said. “It’s not like they’re dumb and they’re going to walk out there into a tree or in front of a car. It’s the way the white supremacist have set the system up. It’s to dumb Meridian schools down.”

Ray said he has a plan to bring in money. It starts with officer training and teenage counseling, along with other behavioral courses that he said would make millions for the city of Meridian.

“There’s 12,000 police stations in America. Each one of those police stations will want systemic racism training for officers. Don’t think they aren’t going to want it. They are going to want it and they are going to pay for it. Each session will be filmed. They will stream that for $200 a session,” Robert said.

The money will also be used for raises.

“The millions that come in will be going to Meridian to fund Meridian. All the different departments. The police station, the fire station, if they need new equipment they’ll be able to get it. We are going to have our police officers the highest paid in the state,” Ray explained.

When it comes to crime, Ray also has a plan.

“I would put it on the parents and people in the neighborhood. You can’t expect a camera to take care of drive-by shootings and stuff. Listen, I’d have a program setup for you to call in and tell who the little gang member is in your neighborhood and ask what he goes by,” Ray said.

One of Ray’s most ambitious goals includes a Ferris wheel, rollercoaster and a 24/7 fair.

“The Ferris wheel and the rollercoaster will bring in money 24/7. Everybody that goes down 20/59 will see that. ‘Oh, the biggest rollercoaster. That Ferris wheel. Look at that thing.’ They will go back and tell their people. That will bring in money constantly,” Ray said.

Ray also wants to bring back the old remote control car track near the fairgrounds. Ray said he knows this is a long term goal, but he’s excited about the plan.

“I’m going to have it like you just can’t make it up there. Like, ‘is it ever going to get to the top?’ Then when you get to the top of that thing and come down that rollercoaster people are going to be screaming and hollering,” Ray explained. “As soon as they get off, they’re going to want to go again. That will open up a lot of jobs just to get it built. You have that mountain area out there. You would have that rollercoaster go for ten minutes out there and just scaring people to death out there.”

The election is Tuesday, June 8.

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