8-year-old boy shot in the head in drive-by shooting

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 8:08 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Eight-year-old Lazarus Mathis was laying on the couch when the drive-by shooting happened Saturday. One of the bullets struck the little boy in the head.

“Yesterday, I got home to really see what happened. I was broke down because I didn’t know how bad it was. The hospital said there is no way this child made it like this. His skin covered the bullet that was still in his head. He could have been gone today. We could have been burying our son,” said Edwina Mathis Lazarus’s mother.

The house was hit multiple times. You can see a few of the bullet holes in front of the house.

Edwina Mathis and her friends were at a local nightclub before the shooting. Mathis left the club to go home where four of her family members were.

A local house shot multiple times.
A local house shot multiple times.(WTOK)

“I went to take a shower. Next, I hear gunshot sounds. I was screaming for my husband because he was in the bed sleeping. He said our child was shot. Our son was bleeding all over the house. We were running to grab a towel to cover the blood. I then ran outside to get in my car, but it was shot up, said Mathis.

Police said the shooting was the result of a fight that happened at the nightclub.

The family said Lazarus has been released from the hospital and is now back home.

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