Neshoba deputies continue to fight war on drugs

Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 4:26 PM CDT
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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Drug use has been an ongoing issue in Neshoba County and Sheriff Eric Clark is ready to crack down on it.

Deputies made seven drug arrests over the weekend. This comes about a month after 32 people were arrested in a major narcotics investigation.

Deputies seized more than $500 worth of methamphetamine, and marijuana in this recent operation. Cash and guns were also confiscated.

“Just this weekend was five felony drug arrests. With over--since Friday at noon, over the last five days, we have made seven significant drug arrests here in Neshoba County. We had operation high life back in May and we thought those 32 drug arrests would help and give us a sigh of relief from what we’re facing in the drug industry,” Clark said. “But it’s done everything but that.”

Sheriff Eric Clark says the patrol division has had exhausting weekends fighting illegal drugs. The department seized methamphetamine, marijuana, cash, and guns just this past weekend.

“The people that are possessing-- are having in their possession, anywhere from $500 to $1,000 worth of drugs in their possession for personal use.” Clark said, “Not necessarily in sale.”

Sheriff Clark believes there is an abundance of money right now mainly associated with unemployment benefits. He says to continue fighting at this pace, the department will have to hire additional resources and equipment.

“I know that during operation high life, we were exposed to homeland security. The DEA of a lot of the other cities come in. The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics come here and work. They really opened our eyes to what is going on at the national level,” Clark said. “The amount of methamphetamine. The amount of fentanyl that has been brought into the country—it is just a trickledown effect. It affects everyone and we’re seeing it here in Neshoba County.”

Sheriff Clark says his department needs help in the fight to get drugs off the streets. Call the sheriff’s office or East Mississippi Crime Stoppers at 1-855-485-TIPS if you believe there’s a crime or drug problem in your community.

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