3 more arrests made in theft ring

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 5:42 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The Meridian Police Department is determined to put an end to burglaries and thefts in the Queen City. Three more people have been arrested and charged after recent thefts.

Kristen Estes, 26, Joshua Moore, 26, and Jarrod Gingell, 43, are the latest suspects in a local theft ring.

“I think this is just a continuance of what our Criminal Investigation Division and our intelligence department accumulated through their initial investigation and initial arrests,” Chief Chris Read said.

Jason Leddon, 37, Jammie Holliman, Sean Holliman, 48, Breanna Guthrie, 23, Charles Webb Jr., 35 and Jeremy Spann, 32 have already been arrested and charged. Jeremy Spann and Charles Webb Jr. were also recently charged with arson by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. They’re accused of burning a building on 14th St. at the five points intersection in Meridian.

Meridianite Noelle Clay is one of several victims of the theft ring. A criminal stole the catalytic converter from her SUV.

“When it cranked, we heard a really loud noise and looked at each other. It was not normal,” Clay said.

Catalytic converters are part of a vehicle’s exhaust system. They contain metals like platinum and palladium. Palladium is currently worth more than its weight in gold.

“I’ve been borrowing a lot of cars and getting driven around. It’s been very inconveniencing,” Clay explained. “It’s crazy what people will do for money.”

Clay said it would cost nearly $1,000 to get a new catalytic converter. She recommended that people avoid parking on the street and to keep a close eye on your property. Chief Read said the investigation isn’t over.

“We’ve gotten additional information from other individuals that are involved. We are in the process of finding them and making an arrest,” Read said.

If you have information about recent burglaries, you are asked to call the Meridian Police Department at 601-485-1893 or Crimestoppers at 855-485-TIPS.

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