Drive-by shootings a problem at Meridian apartment complex

Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 9:16 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The people who live at Frank Berry Court Apartments are fed up after four drive-by shootings happened there within the last week.

Police said the two men involved in Saturday’s drive-by shooting on 25th Avenue where an 8-year-old kid was shot in the head are also suspects in the recent drive-by shootings at the Frank Berry Court Apartments.

“Just in the past 8 to 10 months, we have taken what we consider high profile offenders off the streets. When you do that, you create a vacuum. Then, you have young people who are trying to make a name for themselves. They are trying to fit in a group that doesn’t care about their future,” said Meridian Police Chief Chris Read.

Newscenter 11 tried talking with a few people who live at the apartments, but they would not talk on camera because they said they’re afraid of retaliation.

However, a few renters said they want the shootings to stop and more police patrols.

We reached out to the manager at the Frank Berry Court Apartments, but they also would not talk out of fear of retaliation.

Chief Read said the shootings are gang-related.

“They say go do this because I got in an argument with this person. They will say we need to go by where they stay to send a message. They send the message by randomly shooting into an apartment. Then, that group rolls out and another group says ‘we’re going to send a message’ to them in retaliation,” said Read.

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